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Undaunted: Battle of Britain takes the two-player series to the skies

Dogfighting and deckbuilding.

The next entry in the Undaunted series of board games will be based on the aerial warfare of the Battle of Britain.

An upcoming board game, Undaunted: Battle of Britain will enable players to compete against each other in a tense dogfight amongst the clouds. Based on the World War II event known as the Battle of Britain, which saw British RAF forces – including pilots from various countries that were being colonised by the UK at the time, such as India and several nations across West Africa – clashing against the Luftwaffe, or German air force.

The Battle of Britain is a key event in World War II history as it was part of the Axis’ plan to conquer Western Europe by overwhelming the UK from above. RAF forces met with the Luftwaffe in a series of dogfights in the skies over Western Europe, with both air forces employing their own unique pilots and airplanes.

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Wheels and Lolies play Undaunted: Normandy together.

Undaunted: Battle for Britain is a two-player board game based on the various dogfights between the RAF and Luftwaffe, with each player taking control of one of the opposing sides. The latest entry in a series of board games themed around important conflicts from across World War II history – from the Normandy Landings to the battle for Stalingrad – Undaunted: Battle for Britain will be the first title focused on aerial combat.

As an asymmetric board game, each player will have different gameplay styles and abilities available to them depending on which air force they choose to control. The deckbuilding board game will have players attempting to command their various aircraft to evade enemy airplanes and anti-aircraft artillery, whilst working to complete their objectives before their opponents can. As they progress in the game, players will be able to obtain more powerful and specialised units to put into their decks, potentially giving them a much-needed advantage over their opponent.

Undaunted: Battle of Britain was co-created by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin, the co-designers behind every entry in the entire Undaunted series, with Thompson having also co-created Sniper Elite: The Board Game – the tabletop adaptation of the video game series.

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Dicebreaker play an online version of Undaunted: North Africa.

Osprey Games is the studio responsible for releasing Undaunted: Battle of Britain, with the company previously publishing all the other entries in the Undaunted series and tabletop titles such as the asymmetric board game Crescent Moon and skirmish miniatures games like Frostgrave.

Undaunted: Battle of Britain is set to be released sometime in Spring 2023, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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