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Pandemic, Ticket to Ride and Mysterium puzzles featured in new escape-room game

Unlock! three classic games.

Puzzles themed around Pandemic, Ticket to Ride and Mysterium will be featured in the latest entry in the Unlock! series of escape room games.

Unlock!: Game Adventures is an upcoming board game for one to five players that contains three scenarios themed around a trio of beloved tabletop titles including Pandemic - the co-op game about fighting diseases across the world - train-empire-building-game Ticket to Ride and Mysterium, the horror themed board game about uncovering a ghost’s killer. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.)

Whilst the Pandemic scenario in Unlock!: Game Adventures will have players becoming medical experts - such as a virologist, medic and dispatcher - working to tackle a global health crisis, Ticket to Ride will focus the action on a train trip across the US continent that’s been interrupted by the nefarious schemes of a band of rail barons. Lastly, the Mysterium themed scenario will centre around an old manor house that’s been haunted by a forlorn ghost who will communicate the player via vision cards - in a similar fashion to the original horror board game.

The Unlock! series of escape room games sees players collaborating in order to solve a collection of mysteries. Using the components within the game box and a compatible companion app, players can uncover the clues they need by scanning elements of the physical game and entering in the information they need to successfully complete the scenario and win.

Unlock!: Game Adventures was co-created by Thomas Cauët and Mathieu Casnin - who have previously worked together on other entries in the Unlock! series, including Unlock!: Heroic Adventures - as well as Jeremy Koch, a co-designer on Unlock!: Mythic Adventures.

The studio responsible for Unlock!: Game Adventures is Space Cowboys, the company behind the release of the entire Unlock! series as well as classic beginner board game Splendor, the co-op sleuthing title Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and the recent reprint of Jamaica.

Unlock!: Game Adventures is set to be released in Q1 2022, with a retail release price yet to be confirmed.

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