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Monster Hunter World board game adds lance and hunting horn weapons after ‘community feedback’

Included in the Hunter’s Arsenal expansion.

Two new hunters have been added to Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, after the franchise’s community expressed their disappointment over certain weapons being missing from the roster.

After the upcoming tabletop title was initially revealed to the public, the board game’s publisher - Steamforged Games - received some feedback regarding the lack of two particular types of weaponry found in the video game series it’s based on. In Monster Hunter World, players are able to equip several different kinds of weapons, each one offering its own advantages and disadvantages, including a lance and a hunting horn.

Despite having revealed that there would be 12 unique styles of weaponry available in Monster Hunter World: The Board Game - each attached to its own hunter character - it seemed that Steamforged had not satisfied all the Monster Hunter fans. Feedback from certain sections of the community expressed a desire to see both the lance and hunting horn, literally a large horn used for melee attacks, added to the video game board game.

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In response to this, Steamforged has announced that it will be including a hunter character for both the lance and hunting horn within an expansion for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game called Hunter’s Arsenal. The add-on will feature the two requested hunter types, alongside four others not found in the core games, as well as the cards that players will need to control these characters within the tabletop title.

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is a tabletop adaptation of the 2017 video game that sees players exploring a fantasy-themed setting in search of dangerous creatures to defeat, sometimes with their friends online. In the co-op board game, up to four players embark on a hunt against one of several potential monsters, choosing to either gather resources and knowledge to aid them beforehand or to venture towards their quarry’s lair straight away. Each monster will have its own unique deck that the players will have to survive against in their confrontation with the beast, with every fight taking place over multiple different stages.

Depending on which type of hunter the players are controlling, they’ll have their own set of cards containing the different kinds of attacks they’re able to perform against the monster. As they progress through the fight, players will have to coordinate their unique combat styles together to gradually wear their opponent down. In his preview of Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, Matt praised the title’s ability to translate the feel of original video game onto the tabletop: “I’m happy to say that Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is shaping up to be one of the better video game adaptations to hit the tabletop in years.”

The campaign for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is set to launch on Kickstarter tomorrow, with the price of the core pledge costing £102 ($142). The Hunter’s Arsenal expansion will be individually priced at £30 ($40), as well as being included in the All-In pledge level - which now costs £211 ($289), instead of the originally announced £203 ($279).

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