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Open-world fantasy board game Vindication re-released on Kickstarter with a brand new expansion

Now featuring adorable and terrifying pets.

Dive into a complex world of fantasy and redemption in Vindication, the popular board game that’s seeing a re-release on Kickstarter alongside a new expansion.

A game for two to five players, Vindication - originally titled Epoch: The Awakening - sees players attempting to rebuild themselves on a mysterious island after losing everything they once had. After washing ashore its beaches, players find themselves imbued with powers they previously didn’t control, capable of using a collection of alchemical abilities to perform amazing feats.

The island has many ways for players to acquire influence and allies, with a variety of locations to visit and secrets to discover. Players are able to take three possible actions during their turn, including activating a companion, going to a new location and triggering an effect on a map tile. As players explore the island, they’ll have opportunities to use the heroic attribute alchemy system - which allows players to focus one or more attributes to interact with the world and other player characters, such as meditating at a holy site or training at a fort.

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The version of Vindication released on Kickstarter features the base game, as well as a collection of additional content taken from previous expansions. The extra content includes the Guilds & Monuments and Myths & Wonders expansions, adding various exotic pets that players can acquire. A mini-expansion called Treachery is also featured in the Kickstarter edition, as well as extra tokens and an art and lore book.

Launching alongside the Kickstarter version of the base game is a new expansion called Chronicles, which adds new options to the heroic attribute alchemy system. Chronicles enables players to unlock new legendary powers for their character. Depending on what choices the players make, they’ll be able to advance their progress towards attaining legendary status and acquire new abilities each time they play.

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Marc Neidlinger is the designer behind Vindication and its series of expansions, as well as co-op board game Unsettled, which is set to be released this year and sees players attempting to survive in the uncharted regions of space. Orange Nebula is acting as publisher.

The Kickstarter campaign for Vindication is live until December 31st, with a pledge of $89 (£67) getting backers a copy of the game set to arrive in January 2022. Vindication: Chronicles is available for $29 (£22) and will be released alongside the base game.

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