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Play Christmas classics with the Vinyl: Holiday Edition board game

All I want for Christmas are tunes.

Search the family attic for some Christmas classics to play on the stereo in Vinyl: Holiday Edition, a festive version of the record collecting board game.

Themed around Christmas albums, Vinyl: Holiday Edition provides players with a version of the original Vinyl board game released in 2019 - which sees players competing to collect the rarest possible records they can find in stores - that contains new artwork and alters the rules somewhat. Rather than focusing on the concept of the players becoming vinyl collectors, Vinyl: Holiday Edition has players looking through the family Christmas record stash in order to find the perfect soundtrack to their winter holiday.

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Instead of tracking down trendy records to put into their collection or sell on the market, players are digging through an inherited pile of vinyl in order to look for their favourite holiday hits or even those obscure records that spark memories of past Christmases. Whereas the previous family board game featured a gameplay mechanic that had players gathering magazines to use to acquire their chosen records, Vinyl: Holiday Edition cuts this element out in favour of having players drawing the albums they want for their sets and adding them to a tableau that will eventually form the shape of a Christmas tree.

Collecting sets of holiday vinyl will gain players points, as will decorating the record tree with Christmas baubles and exchanging gifts. Whoever gathers the most points by the end of the game is the winner of Vinyl: Holiday Edition.

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Vinyl: Holiday Edition was created by Eric Alvarado, the designer behind the original board game - as well as co-owner of the publisher responsible for releasing the Vinyl series, Talon Strike Studios, alongside artist Jason Washburn - and its various spin-off titles such as Vinyl: Masters of Metal and Vinyl: Top Shelf.

A physical version of Vinyl: Holiday Edition is available for a limited time on the Talon Strikes Studios online store for $29.99 (£22.50), with a free print-and-play version available as a free download.

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