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Voidfall is an epic sci-fi board game co-created by the designer of Anachrony

Domineum oblivion.

Fight back against a devouring force in the depths of space with Voidfall, a tabletop title co-designed by the creator of Anachrony, Dávid Turczi.

Voidfall is a civilisation board game for one to four players set in a universe populated by a collection of great houses that each control their own sections of space. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) The largest and most powerful of the great houses, the Novarchs, has established an empire spanning the majority of the galaxy. This empire - or Domineum - is attached to a religion that worships a being called the voidborn, whose arrival is said to bring about the true culmination of the Novarchs’ rise to power.

However, when the voidborn does make an appearance, it is to satiate its seemingly unending hunger by spreading an infection across multiple planets in the galaxy. In response, the great houses must either work together - or as individual organisations - to fight back against the voidborn and prevent it from consuming everything. These great houses will either establish themselves as an equal collective or underneath the power of a new ruling house, regardless, the voidborn must be stopped.

Voidfall board game artwork

In Voidfall, players choose to become a leader of one of the great houses of the galaxy and must develop their civilisation enough so that it can stand against the might of the voidborn. Players can choose to either play Voidfall as co-op game - with the players teaming up against the voidborn - or as a competitive experience. The game takes place over the course of three cycles, or rounds, with the players gradually building and improving their infrastructure, population and production levels in order to go toe-to-toe with the voidborn - and the other great houses, if they’re playing competitively.

Each of the great houses have their own unique civilisation tracks that players will want to advance throughout the game, opening up new opportunities for further development. Eventually, players will be able to fight battles against the voidborn - alongside any rival great houses - using their space fleets. Players either succeed or fail together in the co-op mode, or one player establishes their great house as the commander of the next space empire in the competitive version of the game. There is also a solo game mode in Voidfall, should individual players want to fight against the voidborn alone.

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Besides Turczi - who also co-created the real time co-op board game, Kitchen Rush - Voidfall was also co-designed by Nigel Buckle, the creator of another sci-fi themed tabletop title, Omega Centauri, alongside several entries in the Imperium series.

Mindclash Games is the studio responsible for releasing Voidfall, and is otherwise best known for publishing the aforementioned Anachrony, as well as the worker-placement board game Trickerion: Legends of Illusion.

Voidfall is set to be released sometime in 2022, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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