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The Boys set for VS. System card game will feature Butcher, Starlight, Homelander and more

Supe up.

A new set themed around the television show The Boys is coming to the VS. System 2PCG card game.

According to the publisher behind the VS. System 2PCG trading card game, Upper Deck, the upcoming set will feature both recognisable characters and key moments from the Amazon Prime series. Several characters have already been confirmed to be included in the set, such as Billy Butcher – the revenge-driven antihero played by Karl Urban – the superpowered Homelander, played by Anthony Starr, and Starlight, a hero attempting to navigate the murky waters of The Boys’ world played by Annie January.

Other important characters from the TV series will be featured in the card set, alongside several key – as of yet unconfirmed – moments from throughout the show. The set itself will include 200 cards that will depict imagery taken straight from The Boys, with players able to employ the various Supes, their allies and other associated elements against their opponents.

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The VS. System 2PCG game is a remake of an existing card game that has players going head-to-head against one another with their respective decks. A two-player card game, VS. System 2PCG was initially released with cards themed around beloved Marvel comic book characters – such as Spider-Man and Ant Man – before the series expanded to include a wider variety of licensed properties attached to Marvel, such as the cult 1990s’ sci-fi show The X Files and Black Panther.

During the card game, players will use the various resources and characters they have in their deck in order to form a protective and aggressive team to stand against their opponent’s. Players will be able to organise the formation of their team depending on who and what works best where, with players’ aim being to stun and knock out the enemy characters blocking their way. Throughout the game, players will be able to employ various plot twists against their opponents, with the ultimate goal of defeating their main character before they can be knocked out themselves.

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The Boys is a television series produced by Amazon based on the comic book franchise created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. In the show, a group of vigilantes attempt to take down a team of superpowered, corporate-owned individuals who abuse their abilities with seemingly no consequences. First airing in July 2019, the series has since received a total of three seasons, with a fourth season being confirmed to be in the works.

The upcoming The Boys set for VS. System 2PCG is set to be launched later this year and into 2023, with prices yet to be confirmed.

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