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Games Workshop reveals new Age of Sigmar mounted models and upcoming Underworlds: Direchasm releases

Mountain mayhem.

After a profitable 2020, Games Workshop doesn’t seem to be resting too hard on its laurels. The wargaming manufacturer plans to show a slate of new releases for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar on January 23rd in an online preview event titled The Dead and the Divine.

Fans can watch the event live on Games Workshop’s Twitch channel beginning at 1:45pm GMT to see what models and products will be revealed, along with commentary and details from official employees.

But that didn’t stop some announcements and model images from sneaking out ahead of schedule. On January 19th, new units from two factions appeared in the Warhammer Community feed. Lumineth players can look forward to adding Realm-lords mounted atop a new creature in the Sigmar universe - bipedal treerunners native to Hysh. Even their leader, the Vanari Lord Regent, has saddled up astride something that looks like a mix between an antelope and a tiger.

The post also previewed a Vampire Lord unit whose train of hair is being attended by a flock of bats. More information about both additions will be provided during the weekend event.

Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm fans were treated to an updated roadmap of releases through June 2021 in a community post on January 20th. Shipping and manufacturing delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the original launch dates, but Games Workshop apparently feels confident in the future of its production pipeline.

The previously-announced Khagra’s Ravagers for the Slaves to Darkness faction and Seraphon’s Starblood Stalkers have both been postponed a month, to February and March, respectively. May will see two new warbands released in order to compensate for the delay, and product announcements will resume at their normal clip thereafter. More information on March’s warband will be announced during The Dead and the Divine stream.

Direchasm attempts to distill the enjoyment of Age of Sigmar’s large-scale battles into a board game, with factions skirmishing in smaller warbands. This provides a more user-friendly entry point to a hobby that often looks expensive from the outside.

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