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Dead of Winter designer’s tasty next board game serves up recipes from Wild Gardens

Forage for ingredients before plating them up for guests.

The next board game from Dead of Winter and Forgotten Waters co-designer Isaac Vega will be Wild Gardens, a delicious-looking game about creating meals from foraged ingredients.

The upcoming board game puts players in the mud-splashed boots of foragers who must venture out into the great outdoors to find and source the next ingredients for their next dish.

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Once the players have collected their ingredients - split into eight types from mushrooms and berries to flowers, bark and leaves - they’ll be able to cook them up into five different types of recipes by fulfilling the ingredient requirements on each card, with the finished dishes ranging from wild raspberry soda to asparagus casserole and Lion’s Mane crab cakes.

These recipes can then be served to each of more than 50 unique named guests, with differing tastes and unique gameplay effects, in return for victory points.

The players will be able to visit over a dozen different locations - represented by cards with unique gameplay effects - including real-life places such as California’s central coast.

Wild Gardens was previously teased under the codename Project Acorn by publisher Rose Gauntlet - the studio co-founded by Vega and Lindsey Rode, which made its debut earlier this year with the similarly rustic animal ecosystem game Keystone: North America - which revealed that the one to four-player board game had been in the works since late 2021.

Wild Gardens will launch a crowdfunding campaign “soon” via BackerKit’s new crowdfunding platform, ahead of a planned retail release in Q3 2023.

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