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Wild: Serengeti board game invites you to become the next David Attenborough

All about those animals.

Record your own wildlife documentary on the African continent with Wild: Serengeti, an upcoming board game about filming animals.

Inspired by the plains of the Serengeti, Wild: Serengeti has players seeking out the various members of the animal kingdom in order to capture them on camera for a brand new documentary. Taking place throughout the incredible natural environment of the plains, Wild: Serengeti challenges its players to think carefully about how they’re going to achieve the shots they need to complete their documentary, with every frame presenting them with a new puzzle to get their heads around.

Throughout the game, players will be placing various animal meeples on the board and moving them into different habitats and formations with each other. Wild: Serengeti begins with players drawing scene cards depicting arrangements of certain animals against particular backgrounds. For example, one card might depict a giraffe, a zebra and a hyena in a triangular formation on the grassy plains. Each scene card that players are able to complete will net them various rewards and supply icons.

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In order to get the animals players are looking to capture an image of on the board, they will have to discover them from the supply first - which takes up an action on their turn. Other actions include moving animals from one space on the board to another, as well as gaining brand new scene cards to complete. However, players will have to keep on their toes, as the animals on the board have a tendency to move around when they least expect them to, requiring players to adapt to the changing board scenario.

Players can also choose to experience the game using the specialist cards, which will give them more opportunities to build winning strategies, thanks to their various special abilities. The tabletop title also comes with a solo game mode for players who want to venture into the Serengeti alone.

Wild: Serengeti was created by Gunho Kim, the designer behind Shaolia: Warring States - a board game that sees players becoming leaders of their own rival kingdoms - and the party game Dirty Secret, a tabletop title all about teasing out answers from your fellow players.

Wild: Serengeti layout board

Bad Comet is the studio behind Wild: Serengeti, with its only previous releases behind the aforementioned Shaolia: Warring States and its expansion - Great Houses.

The Kickstarter campaign for Wild: Serengeti is live until September 17th, with a pledge of $52 (£38) getting backers a copy of the game that’s estimated to arrive sometime in July 2022.

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