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Root digital developer bringing Wings of Glory to PC, mobile and The Last Gameboard

Winging its way to Steam, App Store and Google Play.

A video game version of the World War I wargame Wings of Glory is being developed by the studio behind Root digital, Dire Wolf.

An upcoming digital board game, Wings of Glory has players taking control of World War I fighter pilots in a video game version of the original tabletop miniatures game. Wings of Glory digital will enable players to choose from a wide variety of combat planes from air battles that took place during World War I, with each plane having its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The eight planes that players choose will make up the fleet they’ll be commanding against their opponent, with players having a limited number of points to spend across their entire fleet.

Piloting those planes will be a team of aerial aces – who also cost the players points to pick – to fly and operate the vehicle’s various weapons and tools, with each one favouring certain playstyles and abilities. During the battles themselves, players will be using their chosen miniatures to defeat other players online – with the world war I game allowing for cross-play between different platforms. Players can decide the actions and movements of their planes by using the cards they have available, selecting one for each of the units they want to operate that turn. Whichever player is successful in shooting down their opponent’s planes first is the winner.

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Besides playing against other people, Wings of Glory also features a solo game mode that sees players testing themselves in 12 different tactical challenges, each one requiring a unique approach and potentially preparing players against future opponents.

Besides developing and publishing Wings of Glory digital and Root digital, Dire Wolf has created video game versions of dice rolling game Sagrada, worker-placement game Raiders of the North Sea and two-player card game Fox in the Forest.

Wings of Glory is a miniatures wargame inspired by the aerial armies of World War I & II. Featuring starter sets and various expansions, Wings of Glory sees two to four players competing against each other to destroy the opposing armies of aircraft by playing cards from their hand that determine the movement of their planes. Players can construct their respective airborne armies by spending a set amount of points, with each unit costing them a number of points to deploy. Expansions add additional planes, scenarios and rulebooks for players to use.

A screenshot for Wings of Glory featuring a flying plane

Ares Games is the publisher responsible for releasing Wings of Glory, with the original starter set being co-designed by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia.

Apart from Steam, Google Play and the App store, Wings of Glory digital will be available for The Last Gameboard – a physical board that features a playable screen that enables players to move real pieces and directly interact with the game through the board interface.

Whilst the PC and mobile/tablet version of Wings of Glory are set to be released on July 21st, The Last Gameboard version is available to play now through the device’s beta program.

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