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Wordle: The Party Game will bring your mobile rivalries to the tabletop

From Clue and Monopoly publisher Hasbro.

Wordle, the popular mobile game with around 9.1 million subscribers, is being made into an upcoming board game. (Thanks CNN Business.)

Based on the mobile game that has players guessing hidden words, Wordle: The Party Game sees people competing to figure out a secret word as quickly as possible. The board game will provide four different modes for players to try, each one challenging a different aspect of their Wordle abilities.

In the classic mode, the party board game has players attempting to guess a word chosen by a host, with players taking it in turns to play the role. Once the host has chosen their secret word, players then try to figure it out using clues provided by the host. Similar to the mobile game the tabletop title is based on, Wordle: The Party Game sees players writing down words that they think either match the hidden one or contain matching letters – with the host the offering colour-coded clues for each guess.

An image of the components for Wordle: The Party Game

If the host places a green card over a letter it means that a player has put a matching letter in the same order as the secret word. For example, if the secret word was catch and somebody had written cat, then all three letters would be green. However, if the host places a yellow card, it means that correct letters have been provided, but they’re not in the corresponding places. Players have six tries in which to guess the secret word, with the fewer guesses used netting players more points.

Whichever player has the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

There is also a semi co-op game mode in which players sort themselves into teams and work together to guess the hidden word in the least guesses, as well as a timed mode – with players having a limited amount of time to make each guess - and a mode that challenges the players to get the right word in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Wordle: The Party Game is set to be published by Hasbro – the tabletop gaming giant that owns studios such as Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast, as well as releasing classic board games like Clue and Monopoly – in partnership New York Times Games, the company that now owns the Wordle mobile game.

The Wordle mobile game is a free-to-play title that updates daily and sees players trying to enter in the right hidden word in as few guesses as possible. Every time the player enters in a guess, the game will highlight letters as green – the right letter in the right place – yellow, the right letter in the wrong place, and grey, indicating that the letter is entirely incorrect. The player has six guesses to get the word, with players able to share their results with their friends online.

Wordle: The Party Game is set to be released on October 1st, at a retail price of $20 (£16).

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