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Step into the ring again with the second edition of tabletop RPG World Wide Wrestling

Ready to roleplay.

Lay down smackdowns, design costumes and wow the crowd in the second edition of wrestling tabletop roleplaying game World Wide Wrestling.

Based on the Powered by the Apocalypse RPG system - which has players roll two d6s when attempting to perform an action, with a 10+ resulting in a success - World Wide Wrestling 2E is the newest iteration of one of the best tabletop roleplaying games released in 2015.

In the first edition, players can create their own wrestler by choosing from the selection of gimmicks (classes) and customising them with a backstory, ring entrance and stats. Once players have created their own wrestlers, the GM then builds an episode for them by presenting a wrestling match and introducing their own scenarios to form a narrative.

For example, an episode could begin with two of the player wrestlers entering the ring, only to have a surprise third player wrestler crash the match and form a bitter rivalry with one of the other wrestlers. Each match will have players explaining what moves their wrestler is attempting and rolling to perform that move, with the dice result determining how successful they are.

As every episode plays out, players’ wrestlers will try and achieve their individual goals - whether that’s getting a promotion, developing a new relationship with another wrestler or something else - with the result of each scenario determining whether they’ve gotten any closer to doing so.

World Wide Wrestling: Second Edition roleplaying game artwork 2

World Wide Wrestling 2E will introduce a number of new features as well as redesigning some existing rules in the first edition, including revised activities wrestlers can do outside of matches, which were introduced in the On the Road supplement for the previous edition.

The upcoming roleplaying game includes a new basic move called Play Politics, which can be used to directly address any confrontations that have happened backstage, and a specific system for wrestler goals called Wants, which enables players to have a firmer understanding of their character motivations.

There are also a number of new gimmicks introduced in the second edition, such as the ever-ambitious Ace, daredevil Anti-Hero and slapstick Clown, that players can now choose to create a wrestler from.

Graphic artist and independent publisher Nathan D. Paoletta is the original creator of World Wide Wrestling, as well as the International Incident supplement and this second edition of the tabletop RPG.

The Kickstarter for World Wide Wrestling: Second Edition is live until April 14th, with a pledge of $28 (£23) getting backers a copy of the print book - estimated to ship sometime in January 2021 - and a digital version of the RPG.

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