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Tiny Epic Galaxies' designer next solo game is about post-apocalyptic car combat

Hopefully won’t be mediocre.

Scott Almes, the creator of the space-themed board game Tiny Epic Galaxies, has designed a new solo game called Wreckland Run.

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world in which people race around in modified death-vehicles, Wreckland Run’s premise certainly bears a striking resemblance to the Mad Max film series - in which a man travels across a barren wasteland encountering various gangs who also happen to be car enthusiasts. In Wreckland Run, players select a vehicle and driver, before attempting to navigate across a dangerous world known as the Wrecklands.

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A solo board game, Wreckland Run challenges the player to make their way across the Wrecklands, which are populated by any number of threats and marauder gangs, in order to deliver supplies to the last remaining holdouts of civilisation. Across seven different chapters - all connected into a single campaign - the player will need to overcome new challenges, using the horsepower of their vehicle and wits to survive. As they unlock each new chapter, the player will also gain access to fresh options to improve their chances.

If the player manages to make it through all seven chapters intact, then they win the game. Wreckland Run can be then replayed with different combinations of vehicles and cars.

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Alongside Wreckland Run and TIny Epic Galaxies, Almes is responsible for creating the rest of the titles in the Tiny Epic series - such as Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Pirates - as well as an adventure book style board game called Almanac: The Dragon Road and Warp’s Edge, another solo game that was developed by TC Petty III, who also worked with Almes on Wreckland Run.

Renegade Games Studio is the publisher responsible for releasing Wreckland Run, after previously publishing titles such as deckbuilding board game Clank!, two-player card game Fox in the Forest and several tabletop roleplaying games including Kids on Bikes and Icarus, a TRPG about building and toppling civilisations.

The Kickstarter campaign for Wreckland Run is set to be launched on February 8th, with the pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates yet to be confirmed.

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