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Republic of Jungle is a digital social deduction game that borrows from both Secret Hitler and Jackbox

Welcome to the Bite House.

Play a digital social deduction game that borrows from the likes of both Secret Hitler and Jackbox games with Republic of Jungle.

A digital tabletop-inspired game, Republic of Jungle sees two teams attempting to achieve their objectives in a government entirely controlled by animals. President Puma is currently leading the “Bite House” as its big cat leader, however, his government has most definitely got several wolves hidden amongst the sheep. Whilst there are plenty of animals who continue to remain loyal to President Puma, there is an insurgent group attempting to overthrow him and put their own leader in his place.

In a similar fashion to the popular social deduction game Secret Hitler, Republic of Jungle has players joining one of two teams and attempting to manipulate others into believing them - regardless of whether they’re telling the truth or not. Depending on which card players receive, they take on a particular role within one of the two teams and will have certain powers to use in order to win.

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For example, the Agent role on the loyalist side gets a list of the names of those players who are on the other team, thereby gaining a clear advantage. However, the Testifier role on the other team is able to win the game outright if they can identify who they think the Agent is, regardless of what happens over the course of the game. Other roles include the Mole - whose name is not included on the Agent’s list - and the Faker, who is one of two names given to the Trustee on the loyalist team and is designed to confuse them into thinking they’re the Agent.

Each game happens over a series of rounds, which are individually split into three separate stages. In the first stage, one player becomes the commissioner - whose job is to choose who will go on a secret commission for President Puma. Players can then vote for whether they agree with the players chosen for the commission. However, in a similar fashion to how the Jackbox Party Pack games are played, rather than using tokens or cards players use their phones to interact with the game and make their choices.

If the team is approved, then the players on the commission will then secretly decide via their phones whether to cover up the information handled or to leak it to the wider public. Should the information be kept under wraps, then the loyalists win that round. Alternatively, the information might be leaked by someone on the commission - meaning that the other team takes that round. However, all is not lost for the loyalists if the information is leaked, as they are sometimes given a special power when this happens.

Republic of Jungle artwork

Whichever team successfully wins three rounds first is named the winner of the party game, except if the Testifier is able to correctly identify the Agent on the loyalist team.

Republic of Jungle was co-developed by Moein Pahlavan and Kasra Rahimi, with the game’s art being created by Erfan Malet.

Gerdoo Games is the publisher and developer of Republic of Jungle, with this being the company’s debut release.

The Kickstarter campaign for Republic of Jungle is live until August 26th, with a pledge of $15 (£11) getting backers a copy of the PC version - which is played alongside mobile devices - set to be released in March 2022.

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