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7 Wonders Mystery game revealed via a speculative trailer

With ‘something’ beginning at the end of the month.

Repos Production, the studio responsible for Cash ‘n’ Guns and 7 Wonders, has released a trailer hinting at the release of another entry in the beloved civilisation series.

Revealed in a tweet posted earlier this week, 7 Wonders Mystery is an upcoming game that looks to focus on the setting of the tabletop franchise. The animated trailer released alongside the announcement shows a group of players sitting around a table participating in a game of 7 Wonders, before the game box suddenly bursts open and a tornado emerges - pulling the players forward in a scene reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz.

After what appears to be a trip across the ancient world, with many of the wonders featured in the original game rushing past, the camera stops and the protagonist’s eyes open on what looks like the inside of a tomb or temple chamber. The announcement was accompanied by a date - 26th April 2021 - and little else besides that.

The original 7 Wonders was released in 2010, with an updated Second Edition of the game coming out late last year. In the game, two to seven players become leaders of civilisations of the ancient world with the aim of developing the most impressive society possible. Players can further this goal by investing in various different aspects of their civilisation - such as military or science - and eventually acquiring victory points through this.

Each turn, players select from a hand of cards before passing it along to the person next to them. What cards they can take depends on what resources they have, with some cards costing more than others. Players can pay their neighbours to use their starting resources if they find themselves short. Cards can then be played onto a person’s board - thereby giving them the attached benefits - turned into money or used to construct their civilisation’s wonder. Each wonder will provide players with a certain benefit whenever they advance its construction, such as additional resources or victory points.

After the end of the third age the player with the most victory points is named the winner.

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Besides the original release and its recent Second Edition, the 7 Wonders series has seen one spin-off title in the form of a two-player board game called 7 Wonders: Duel, which transforms the initial game into a version specifically designed to be played with just two people.

7 Wonders was created by Antoine Bauza - the designer behind Takenoko and the co-op game Hanabi - with the spin-off title 7 Wonders: Duel being co-designed by Bauza and Kingdomino creator Bruno Cathala.

There is currently no confirmed release date or retail price for 7 Wonders Mystery. Dicebreaker has reached out to Repos Production for comment.

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