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Axis & Allies board game series brought back via fresh editions and a new entry

A historical return.

New versions of classic entries in the Axis & Allies board game series are seeing a release from publisher Renegade Game Studios.

A total of five separate entries in the historical war board game series will be getting re-released by Renegade, including a limited-edition version of Axis & Allies: 1914. The limited-edition version of 1914 will feature additional German and British infantry figures, 20 additional plastic chips and previous errata and updates to the game’s rulebook.

In the upcoming board game, players take the role of various world powers associated with the First World War. Players will be working on the same side depending on which nation they choose to command: whether they’re an ally – which includes nations such as the British Empire, French, the Russian Soviets etc... - or if they’re axis, such as the German and Turkish forces. During the board game, players control the units from their chosen world power in small-scale offenses against units of the opposing side, utlising their respective resources to secure victory.

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Alongside the new edition of Axis & Allies: 1914, Renegade is also set to publish new versions of several other existing entries in the series such as World War II board games: Axis & Allies: 1940 Europe – Second Edition, Axis & Allies: 1940 Pacific – Second Edition, Axis & Allies: 1942 – Second Edition and Axis & Allies: 1941.

Besides the re-releases of the Axis & Allies series of board games, Renegade is responsible for publishing several licensed titles such as deckbuilding games like Power Rangers Deck-Building Game and My Little Pony Deck-Building Game. Renegade is also known for releasing various tabletop roleplaying games like the sci-fi RPGs Kids on Bikes – which has players becoming a group of young people in a small US town that’s experiencing strange phenomena – and Overlight.

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Alongside the new editions and re-releases, Renegade is currently set to publish an entirely new entry in the Axis & Allies series. The company is running a poll in which players can vote on four different potential options for the upcoming game: whether they want the entry to focus on Operation Market Garden – a conflict fought within the Netherlands during World War II – conflict in North Africa, on the Eastern Front or on the Battle of Stalingrad.

The new versions of Axis & Allies: 1914, Axis & Allies: 1940 – Second Edition and Axis & Allies: 1940 Pacific – Second Edition will release at a retail price of $100 (£82), whilst Axis & Allies: 1942 – Second Edition will be released for $75 (£61) and Axis & Allies: 1941 for $40 (£32).

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