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Undaunted co-designer's next title is a print-and-play solo game about World War II

Solitary soldiering.

Artwork for Battle Card: Market Garden.
Image credit: Postmark Games.

One of the co-designers behind the Undaunted series – David Thompson – is co-creating a collection of solo card games about World War II.

The upcoming game series is called Battle Card and sees players taking control of armies during various notable clashes from throughout the Second World War.

Battle Card: Market Garden will be the first in the collection, with players commanding the Allied Forces during the iconic battle of Operation Market Garden. The battle took placed during September 1944, with Allied Forces forging a path through German-occupied Netherlands territory, in order to establish an invasion route into Northern Germany.

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As a solo game, players will take control of the 1st, 82nd and 101st Airbourne Divisions of the Allied Armies. During the game, players are challenged to take control of their respective sectors in order to make a path for the 30th Corps to reach Arnhem. Market Garden is designed to be simple to play, with players only needing a single sheet map, a few rules and some dice in order to play.

Conflicts in the World War II game are resolved via the use of a combat results table, which determines whether the Allied Forces or if the German Army has the advantage in that particular sector. Players have six turns to ensure that the 30th Corps reach their objective, otherwise they lose the game. Market Garden will be the first of Series 1 of Battle Card, with future entries in the franchise on the way.

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Besides co-designing Battle Card: Market Garden with Nils Johansson – also an art director and graphic designer for various board games – and co-creating the Undaunted series with Trevor Benjamin, David Thompson has also co-designed the war game War Chest with Benjamin.

Battle Card will be published by Postmark Games, a studio that has specialised in print-and-play games such as Voyages, Aquamarine and Waypoints.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Battle Card is set to be launched sometime in September.

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