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Castle Panic returns to Kickstarter next spring, with expansions included

Tower defense, take two.

The latest edition of Castle Panic, the fantasy board game originally released in 2009, will be returning to Kickstarter in early 2021 after its deluxe version was removed this summer.

A co-op game for one to six players, Castle Panic: Deluxe Collection sees players attempting to protect a tower from an invading force of monsters by taking out the advancing units before it’s too late. The Deluxe Collection will feature every expansion yet released for Castle Panic, including The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan and Engines of War. The Deluxe Collection will also include miniatures - rather than the standees found in the original version - and brand new artwork.

This newest edition follows the cancellation of the Kickstarter campaign for Castle Panic Deluxe earlier this year. Launched in June, the campaign featured an edition of the original game with new artwork and miniatures, but none of the game’s expansions.

In a Kickstarter update posted June 10th, Fireside Games - the publisher behind Castle Panic - explained that it would be cancelling the campaign. The studio referenced feedback it had received regarding the campaign for Castle Panic Deluxe and its players’ desires for the expansions to be included within the core game.

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“Rather than go forward with our initial plan of launching the deluxe version of the core game and bringing out expansions in separate campaigns in the future, we feel it’s going to make more sense to offer the entire Castle Panic line in its deluxe form,” it wrote.

In the original Castle Panic, players take turns to attack the various monsters on the board, using the units on their hand of cards to target their enemies. However, depending on which segment of the board the monster is located in and how far away they are, players will have to play the right colour card and a unit that’s able to reach the enemy. As the game progresses, the monsters will gradually get closer to the tower - with each new wave bringing more enemies to fight - forcing the players to work quickly to prevent them from getting there.

If all the walls of the castle are breached by the enemy units, then the players lose the game. Should the tower survive the onslaught of monsters, then the players are named the winners.

Besides Castle Panic, Fireside Games is also known for releasing several other titles such as horror game Dead Panic and spin-off title Munchkin Panic.

The Kickstarter campaign for Castle Panic: Deluxe Collection is set to be launched next March, with the pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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