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Dungeon-delving deckbuilder Clank! is headed to PC and mobile

Make some noise.

Image credit: Dire Wolf/Renegade Game Studios

Deckbuilding series Clank! is getting a digital adaptation for PC and mobile next year.

First released in 2016 with the subtitle “A Deck-Building Adventure”, Clank! tasked players’ would-be thieves with venturing into the tunnels and rooms of a dragon’s lair, The Hobbit-style. Its deckbuilding elements allowed the players to add cards to their deck in order to gain more movement and attack power - needed to fend off the other monsters inhabiting the mountain - as they amassed loot from the dragon’s hoard.

The game’s title comes from its tense noise mechanic, which sees players generate noise as they make their way through the teetering piles of gold and jewels. Over time, Clank cubes are added to the board, eventually triggered by a card that activates the dragon’s rage. If more loot has been stolen, the dragon’s ire is greater, increasing the risk of damage to the players.

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If the players make it out alive with a stolen artefact and their loot, the surviving players compete to see who collected the most valuable stuff - but there is the chance that all the players can be knocked out by the dragon, leaving no-one the winner.

Since the original game, Clank! has seen the release of numerous spin-offs and expansions, from the sci-fi Clank! In! Space to a pair of standalone legacy games set in the world of D&D actual play series Acquisitions Incorporated.

Now, the series is headed to the digital realm with a freshly-announced adaptation for PC and mobile devices releasing in 2024.

Clank! board game cards

The port is being developed by Clank! maker Dire Wolf Games’ Digital studio, with the former co-publisher - alongside Renegade Game Studios - having taken over sole responsibility for the tabletop series last year.

Dire Wolf Digital has previously adapted board games including Root, Game of Thrones and Sagrada for PC and mobile, as well as handling the Pokémon TCG Online, but Clank! will be the studio’s first adaptation based on its own game.

No details have been given on what Clank!’s upcoming digital release will include in terms of features or elements from its various tabletop outings. We do know that it’ll be available on PC via Steam and mobile next year, following a closed beta offered to backers of the Kickstarter campaign for Clank! Legacy 2: Acquisitions Incorporated.

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