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Draw your way through more dungeons with the newest Deadly Doodles expansion

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Explore a monster-invested dungeon with your pen in this first expansion for Deadly Doodles, a board game where players draw their way through dungeons.

The original Deadly Doodles is a game for one to four players and has you drawing a path out of a dangerous dungeon filled with traps and beasts, in the hopes of creating the highest scoring ink escape. Using a map board, pen and path cards players must draw and select the cards that’ll allow them navigate the halls’ various twists and turns, all whilst trying to collect the most loot and fight the most monsters before the end of each round.

Every player’s map board is designed in the same way; with various entryways, rooms, loot, dragons, weapons and corresponding monsters. Each round everyone takes turns to draw four cards from the top of the deck, once they have their selection of cards they must use them to create a path through their dungeon by copying the line depicted on the card across their map board.

Paths can only be drawn through connecting rooms and passageways, but some paths may not fit with your overall design, with every card not used causing points to be minused off your total. You can boost your score by drawing your path through rooms containing weapons, as well as rooms with monsters showing a letter that matches those weapons.

You’ll also have a chance of drawing a trap card which you can use to mark trouble intended for other players' map boards, but be sure that yours is the only one drawn in that room as any traps you run into or place in the same room as another player will minus points from your overall score.

The game’s newest expansion, entitled Deadly Doodles 2, includes 3 more double-sided map boards for players to choose from, each one containing brand new mechanics such as secret doors that require players to roll a skull before proceeding through.

Deadly Doodles 2 is currently available on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of March 2020. There is no confirmation as to whether a retail version of the expansion will be made available.

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