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Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game gets a Game of the Year edition

Includes a collection of character portraits.

Co-op sleuthing title, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, is seeing the release of a Game of the Year edition that features promotional components.

Launching two years after the original, the Game of the Year edition of Detective will provide players with a collection of character portraits of all the possible suspects found within the co-op game. These pictures can be used by players to create a visual representation of who they suspect and what information they have on each character. The portraits were initially only available at set conventions and for a limited time on publisher Portal Games’ store, but the Game of the Year edition of Detective will now include them as part of the core game.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game sees one to five players investigating different cases using the tools provided within the box, as well as an online database they can search for information. As members of the Antares National Investigation Agency, players must use all their wits to solve various puzzles, find clues and gather as much evidence as they can to support their theories. Despite each of the cases having its own unique storyline, they are all connected by an overarching mystery that players will need to untangle in order to win the game.

Detective: A Modern Crime board game Game of the Year box

In 2019, Detective received the As d'Or for Best Expert Game, the prestigious French award given to board games that impress with complex systems and challenging gameplay. Previous winners of the award include Uwe Rosenberg’s worker-placement game Agricola, 7 Wonders, Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and Scythe.

Detective was co-created by Ignacy Trzewiczek - the designer behind Robinson Crusoe and Imperial Settlers - Przemys?aw Rymer and Jakub ?apot. The three designers are also responsible for the upcoming spin-off title in the Detective series, Vienna Connection, that has players becoming CIA agents during the Cold War.

Portal Games is the publisher behind Detective and has previously released titles such as strategy game Neuroshima Hex and Prêt-à-Porter, a board game about making it big in the fashion industry.

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The Game of the Year edition of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game follows the launch of spin-off title Detective: Season One, which provides players with a more streamlined version of the original. Season One features three different cases that sees players experiencing an Agatha Christie-inspired storyline, caught in the middle of an Italian gang war and investigating the death of a university professor in Virginia, USA.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Game of the Year edition is out now at a retail price of €31.50 (£28).

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