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Dicebreaker’s D&D actual series, Storybreakers, has even more podcast episodes up

Listen to an epic adventure anywhere.

It’s now even easier to get into a new Dungeons & Dragons actual play show! Storybreakers is Dicebreaker’s own series in which its core team plays the tabletop roleplaying game, D&D, and records it for your viewing pleasure.

Whilst Storybreakers as originally released as a YouTube video series – which you can watch right now – a large portion of the first season has since been released as a podcast. The first few episodes were made available a couple of weeks ago, but even more episodes of the Storybreakers Podcast have been released since!

If you, like me, enjoy listening to long-form storytelling whilst on the go – whether walking, taking a train or even at home doing some chores – then the Storybreakers Podcast is the perfect show for anyone who enjoys a great tale.

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The very first season of Storybreakers sees dungeon master Wheels leading Matt, Liv, Maddie and myself – Meehan – through a gripping story set in an original fantasy universe. Inspired by the likes of Hot Fuzz, Storybreakers: Season One has tortle paladin Hunter Burrows (Matt), tiefling rogue Iris Walker (Liv), elven ranger Winona Whisperbane (Maddie) and half-elf bard Caryaries West (Meehan) working together as an unlikely crew of reporters. Based in the humdrum town of Ragrump, the party quickly find themselves searching for clues to a mystery that may have even more threads than they ever thought possible.

An entire eight podcast episodes of Season One of Storybreakers is now available to listen to, which you can find on the likes of Spotify, iTunes and now even Google Podcasts! Alternatively, you can listen via the RSS feed by adding it from here to the listening platform of your choice.

We are in the middle of planning out Season Two of Storybreakers, and we have our first ever Storybreakers live show coming up at MCM Comic Con in London on May 27th at 5:40pm at the London Excel – so there’s never been a better time to either catch up or re-immerse yourself in this fascinating world. And don’t just take our word for it! Here are some of the comments from our Storybreakers viewers/listeners:

“I am so impressed by a successful D&D campaign in a non-traditional setting. It's a remarkable contrast, where the characters aren't dashing about with swords and armour, flinging spells and javelins. Congratulations on pulling it off.”

“In tears through this entire episode. You are all amazing. Just, thank you all for bringing this series into the world.”

“I am giving you all a standing ovation for this absolutely heart-wrenching conclusion to a marvelous first season!”

“This whole first season's been fantastic, and I can't wait to see the next part!”

Listen to Storybreakers on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and via the RSS feed right now!

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