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Fog of Love commits to Floodgate Games, lockdown and LGBTQ+ focused expansions coming

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Fog of Love, the two-player board game about roleplaying a romance, will now be published by Floodgate Games.

Originally released by Hush Hush Projects - with Fog of Love being the studio’s only series - Fog of Love is now set to be published by Floodgate Games, a company that’s best known for releasing tabletop titles such as family board game Sagrada and Bosk, a board game about competing to grow the most trees. The announcement was made via Floodgate’s blog, along with the reveal that the publisher will be launching two new expansions for the game.

One of these upcoming expansions will be focused on “queer and transgender stories and the situations that reflect those communities”, with the previous entries in the series supporting queer relationships and narratives, but not putting a particular emphasis on them. The other expansion unveiled by Floodgate is called Love on Lockdown and will explore the trials and tribulations of romance framed by the “strange events of the last year”.

Fog of Love cards

Fog of Love is a game for two players that revolves around the themes of romance, relationships and compromise. In the game, the players each take the role of one of the people in a couple - as whichever gender they want to embody in the playthrough - and gain traits that will affect their behaviour within particular scenarios that the two characters find themselves in. Whilst some characters will want to maintain the relationship they have with their partner, others may decide to focus on their own development instead.

Players are able to choose from a variety of different storylines which can involve them being in an established relationship, or may focus on them meeting one another for the first time. Depending on the cards they draw, players can achieve victory in unique ways, but are encouraged to roleplay their characters however they wish.

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Fog of Love was created by Jacob Jaskov, who also designed the various expansions for the game such as Paranormal Romance and It Will Never Last. It is not confirmed whether Jaskov is responsible for the two upcoming expansions.

Floodgate Games will be releasing its version of Fog of Love, alongside the two new expansions, in Q4 2021 - with retail prices yet to be confirmed.

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