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Play King Arthur Pendragon TRPG for free with new quick-start adventure

Will you draw the sword from the stone?

Artwork for the Arthur Pendragon 6th Edition quick-start supplement The Adventure of the Sword Tournament.
Image credit: Chaosium

Experience the newest edition of the tabletop roleplaying game, King Arthur Pendragon, for free with a new quick-start adventure.

The Adventure of the Sword Tournament is a new quick-start adventure for the tabletop RPG series King Arthur Pendragon. Intended as an accessible entry-point for the upcoming 6th Edition of the TRPG, The Adventure of the Sword Tournament is an entirely ready-to-play adventure that will enable players to witness the iconic moment wherein a certain lowly county squire pulls a legendary sword from the stone it has been thrust into.

Taking place within the medieval city of Londinium – which was the capital city of the UK during and immediately after the occupation of the country by the Roman Empire – The Adventure of the Sword Tournament features a collection of quick-start rules for the fantasy tabletop RPG’s newest edition. Using the rules provided, a games master and players will be able to experience the adventure, becoming members of medieval society and possibly companions of the future King Arthur himself.

Artwork for the Arthur Pendragon 6th Edition quick-start supplement The Adventure of the Sword Tournament.

Besides the quick-start rules, setting of Londinium and adventure overview, the supplement also includes a collection of pre-generated characters for players to use, each one providing its own unique approach to knighthood. Whether players choose to don the name of Sir Avalloc – who trained under the Romans and serves as part of an elite unit for the city militia – or Dame Cwenhild, who was born into a member of the Saxon population, they’ll be able to immediately begin playing the adventure with their chosen character.

King Arthur Pendragon 6th Edition has been described by its creator, Greg Stafford, as being the “ultimate version” of the tabletop RPG. Stafford has reportedly been working on the 6th Edition for over a decade. The ruleset went through multiple iterations, with the fundamentals of the game remaining intact but with “subtle modifications reflecting nearly three decades’ of refinement.”

The Adventure of the Sword tournament was published by Chaosium, the studio responsible for the Arthur Pendragon TRPG alongside several other titles such as horror tabletop roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu.

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King Arthur Pendragon is a fantasy TRPG that has players taking on the mantle of Knights of the Round Table, members of the court of King Arthur. Inspired by the classic Arthurian myths, Pendragon has players attempting to maintain their own moral purity whilst being challenged in their role as a knight serving their king. Players will need to balance both their glory and honour throughout the game in order to preserve their position and godliness.

The Adventure of the Sword Tournament is available to download for free now. The Starter Set for Pendragon 6th Edition is set to be released in early 2023.

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