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Fan-made Pokémon Master Trainer game features levelling up and shopping

Time to go on an adventure!

An image of the board and components for Pokemon Master Trainer: Adventure Edition
Image credit: Cisqoe

A fan-made version of Pokémon Master Trainer – the 1990s board game based on the beloved video game series – adds all new gameplay elements like levelling up and shopping.

Created by BoardGameGeek user Cisqoe, Pokémon Master Trainer: Adventure Edition is an unofficial version of the board game adaptation of the Pokémon video game series. Featuring various elements from both the original version of the family board game and Pokémon Master Trainer: Ultimate Edition – another fan-made edition created by BoardGameGeek user Deikkan – this new version also features a collection of brand-new content not found in any previously released design.

Aside from the Gym leader expansion – which enables players to challenge each gym leader found in the original Kanto Pokémon region - and a modified game board based on Deikkan’s Ultimate Edition, the additional content found in Adventure Edition of Pokémon Master Trainer was designed entirely by Cisqoe.

An image of cards for Pokemon Master Trainer: Adventure Edition
Image credit: Cisqoe

The major new additions featured in this edition include the ability to gamble at the Game Corner, which was originally introduced in the first generation of Pokémon video games. Another new addition is the opportunity to spend any coins earned throughout the game in various shops spread across the board, allowing players to get useful items to use during their adventure. Players will also be able to find items by searching across the board for any hidden locations. On top of this, players can level up their Pokémon and improve their abilities and statistics, helping them get closer to their ultimate goal of defeating the champion of the Kanto region.

Players can download the rulebook for Pokémon Master Trainer: Adventure Edition – alongside any files they’ll need for printing – from the blog published by Cisqoe, with the Pokémon fan outlining where they gotten the various elements needed to build this version of the board game, whether through purchases from online stores or via printing.

The original Pokémon Master Trainer was released by Milton Bradley – a now defunct studio that was purchased by the board game giant Hasbro, which also owns Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast – in 1999. Based on the Pokémon series of video games, which also served as inspiration for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon Master Trainer has players set off to explore the region of Kanto and gather a team of Pokémon to challenge other trainers with.

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As players make their way across the board, they’ll battle other trainers in order to progress towards the Indigo Plateau, where they’ll eventually attempt to be the first person to defeat the region’s champion and become the winner.

The digital files provided by Cisqoe are free to download, with players needing to acquire all the other components to create their own version of Pokémon Master Trainer: Adventure Edition.

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