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Import characters into Roll Player Adventures, the co-op sequel to the original fantasy dice game

I hereby degree, you have graduated from hero school.

A party of heroes are ready to embark on a series of epic quests to save the Kingdom of Nalos in Roll Player Adventures, the new co-op sequel to the 2016 dice board game.

The original Roll Player saw players competing to create the greatest heroes possible by generating their attributes, equipping them with weapons and armour, developing their skills and drumming up a fine reputation for themselves. Throughout the game, players could roll dice to decide which attributes their hero would favour, as well as improve their existing skills and traits. With a good set of skills, attributes and traits, alongside the right outfit and arms, a player could gather enough reputation to win a game of Roll Player.

The upcoming sequel, Roll Player Adventures, has these heroes graduate from character creation and into a world filled with danger. However, rather than competing to be the best, players will be expected to prove that they can work together in this cooperative game.

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Monsters and fiends have beset The Kingdom of Nalos, so one to four players must defeat these hordes in order to save its people and uncover the mysteries of the Abandoned Land. But things are not as simple as it seems, as players can decide to disavow their loyalty to the Kingdom and choose to side with the forces beseeching Nalos. Ultimately, the narrative decisions are in the players’ hands.

As players come face-to-face with the many challenges in Adventures, they will have to use their heroes’ equipment, skills, attributes and traits in order to survive. These aspects are decided by either choosing one of the predetermined characters provided with the game, or by importing an pre-existing character created within the original Roll Player. Using their character’s various aspects, players can then roll dice in order to overcome skill checks and overpower enemies during combat encounters. Players can also choose to lay down cards to improve their chances of getting whatever result they need.

With 11 core adventures available to play through - as well as a replayable side quest - Roll Player Adventures offers players a rich fantasy experience.

Roll Player Adventures board game character sheets

The design team behind Roll Player Adventures consists of Keith Matejka - the creator of the original Roll Player and co-designer on Skulk Hollow - alongside Peter and James Ryan.

Roll Player Adventures is being published by Thunderworks Games, the company responsible for releasing roll-and-write spinoff Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, historical board game Duel Powers: Revolution 1917 and beginners game Blend Off!

The Kickstarter campaign for Roll Player Adventures is currently live until July 17th, with a pledge of $100/£80 getting a copy of the core game that’s estimated to arrive sometime in June 2021.

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