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A Root open-world board game is coming after “years” in development

Which Path will you take?

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Image credit: Kyle Ferrin/Leder Games

An open-world board game set within the Root universe is coming from the founder of Leder Games, Patrick Leder.

Cole Wehrle, the designer responsible for Root – one of the best board games of the modern era – confirmed to Dicebreaker at last week’s PAX Unplugged convention, that a new board game set in the Root universe is on its way.

Created by Patrick Leder, the new game will likely be called Path, which follows the studio’s tradition of using four letter names, and will be an open-world style title. Wehrle noted that unlike many open-world board games – such as Gloomhaven – sessions of Path will apparently take just two hours to play through, with the intention of providing a more accessible version of an open-world title.

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The upcoming board game will reportedly take place within the same universe as Root, with Wehrle revealing the fact that Path has been in development for “years”. According to the Root creator, Path was set to be the title that originated the Root universe with Kyle Ferrin – the artist responsible for the illustrations for Root, as well as many of Leder Games’ other titles – having initially created sketches for Path, before eventually using the same ideas for Root.

In a blog post from April 2019, which can be found on the Leder Games website, Path is confirmed to be an open-world board game with alternate victory conditions. Rather than featuring a cast of different factions from across the world of Root, Path will reportedly focus on the Vagabonds – a splintered faction formed of a collective of individuals willing to provide their services, for a price – as they attempt to gain fame and fortune. As Vagabonds, the players will be able to then use the fame or infamy they gain with the other factions found within the world of Root in order to gain “additional privileges and ways to score.”

Besides the upcoming Path, Leder is also known for co-designing Vast: The Crystal Caverns, alongside David Somerville, as well as creating its follow-up Vast: The Mysterious Manor and co-designing The Underworld Expansion and The Marauder Expansion with Wehrle for Root.

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Root was originally released in 2018 and sees up to four players each controlling their own faction in a battle for the Great Wood. As their chosen faction, players will have their own unique playstyle and method of obtaining the victory points needed to win the game. Depending on their faction, players will move their pieces around the board, getting into fights whenever they encounter enemy forces. Whichever player reaches 30 victory points first is the winner.

Path is yet to receive a firm release or crowdfunding date, with the name itself yet to be confirmed.

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