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Star Wars Roleplaying reprints and new supplements on the way from Edge of the Empire lead developer

UPDATE: Edge Studio dismisses original indication it is working on brand new Star Wars RPGs.

Update 4/11/21: Edge Studio has now told Dicebreaker that no standalone Star Wars RPGs are in development, despite the indication last month that it was working on brand new titles in the sci-fi setting.

Edge's October 15th announcement explicitly stated that "it will be producing roleplaying games set in the famous galaxy far, far away", with studio head Gilles Garnier saying the team wanted to "[bring] our own vision of what a Star Wars RPG should be" and RPG manager Sam Gregor-Stewart adding it would "create something fresh for our fans". Edge Studio has subsequently claimed that its announcement referred to the reprints of Fantasy Flight's original releases for Star Wars Roleplaying and brand new supplements that will be produced by Edge, rather than standalone core rulebooks or new editions.

"For the moment, we are concentrating our efforts on the reprints of the Star Wars books already published by FFG," a representative for the studio told Dicebreaker. "In a second phase, we will work on new supplements for the game.

"We haven't announced anything else."

Dicebreaker has responded to Edge Studio for further clarification about future releases for Star Wars Roleplaying and will continue to update this story as necessary.

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Star Wars is getting multiple new tabletop roleplaying games from Legend of the Five Rings and Genesys publisher Edge Studio, as well as bringing back older RPGs set in the galaxy far, far away as reprints.

Edge Studio announced that it would be producing multiple upcoming titles set in the Star Wars universe as the result of picking up the Star Wars Roleplaying licence. The licence was previously held by Fantasy Flight Games, creator of the Star Wars Roleplaying franchise and the more recent setting-agnostic system Genesys. The publisher was also responsible for the 2018 reboot of Legend of the Five Rings, based on the ‘90s spin-off from the collectible card game that FFG relaunched as a living card game in 2017.

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Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Roleplaying series launched in 2012 with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, which focused on Han Solo-like smugglers, bounty hunters and other such characters around the outer rim of the galaxy. The RPG’s system went on to power two standalone titles - Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny - that explored the setting’s struggles between the Rebel Alliance and Empire and Light and Dark sides of the Force respectively. The system saw a beginner box set based on The Force Awakens following the launch of the most recent movie trilogy, with the system’s last sourcebook Starships and Speeders released in February 2020.

In March 2020, Edge Studio announced it would become responsible for Star Wars Roleplaying as part of its taking control of Fantasy Flight’s existing RPG lines, including Genesys and Legend of the Five Rings. Both studios are owned by tabletop conglomerate Asmodee.

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Edge has now confirmed that it is working on brand new Star Wars tabletop RPGs, with former Edge of the Empire lead developer Sam Gregor-Stewart serving as RPG Manager for the studio. Gregor-Stewart also worked on Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny.

“We want to follow in the footsteps of FFG’s fantastic work over the years, while bringing our own vision of what a Star Wars RPG should be,” studio head Gilles Garnier said in an October 15th announcement.

As well as developing brand new Star Wars roleplaying games, Edge confirmed it will reprint past books released by Fantasy Flight. The studio did not specify which books would be reprinted or when they would be released, saying that information on the reprints and new titles would be released in the coming months.

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