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An Undaunted: Normandy video game is on the way

Fight them on the PC, on the Mac and on the iPad.

A video game version of Undaunted: Normandy, the two-player World War II board game, is coming.

Based on the deckbuilding board game that pits players against each other as the Allies and Axis forces during the historic D-Day Landings, the digital board game version of Undaunted: Normandy sees players competing to secure objectives across the French beaches. A recreation of the original board game, Undaunted: Normandy digital will translate the tabletop version’s gameplay mechanics of using cards to deploy, move and engage units onto players’ screens.

Every scenario included in the original board game will be featured in the upcoming video game, alongside two entirely new scenarios, with each map being rendered into 3D boards that can be viewed from a top-down perspective. In its initial early access state – which means that the video game is not yet fully completed – players will be able to play each scenario individually but can experience all the scenarios as a connected campaign once Undaunted: Normandy digital is fully released.

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Players can challenge the game’s AI, which will be catergorised into varying levels of difficulty, in a solo game mode or can challenge their friends in an online multiplayer mode - which alerts players to the beginning of their turn via email, allowing them to play asynchronously - or in a local multiplayer mode. Games can be held between players who are accessing the game on different devices. The digital version of Undaunted: Normandy also comes with an original soundtrack composed by Gabriel Berger, with tutorials available to players who are entirely new to the game.

Undaunted: Normandy digital was developed and is set to be published by Bookmark Games, which has previously developed other digital board game adaptations such as Pavlov’s House - another historically inspired title – and Assault on Arnhem.

The Undaunted series, which began with the release of Undaunted: Normandy in 2019, sees two players going head-to-head as opposing sides in various historical wars. The first entry focused on the D-Day Landings and had players attempting to seize objectives in a deckbuilding board game. The second entry, Undaunted: North Africa, transported the series to the North African theatre of war, with each side having access to different units and tactical approaches. The third installment in the series, Undaunted: Stalingrad, was announced at the start of this year and is set to be released in Autumn.

Undaunted: Normandy digital screenshot 2

Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson are the two co-creators behind the Undaunted series, with Osprey Games – which has previously released tabletop titles such as Cryptid and the auction game High Society – responsible for publishing each entry.

Undaunted: Normandy digital is yet to receive an early access release date or retail price, with the video game set to launch on PC, Mac and iPad.

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