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Warhammer 40,000 is getting new Primaris Space Marine action figures

Imperial Fists and Salamanders Intercessors follow last year’s Ultramarine.

Two more of Warhammer 40,000’s Space Marine chapters are being turned into action figures.

The upcoming Imperial Fists and Salamanders Primaris Space Marine toys follow the release of an Ultramarine Intercessor last year, the first action figure based on Warhammer 40,000.

Like the Ultramarine, the two new ‘premium’ figures are designed by toy maker Bandai, which is responsible for action figures based on anime series including Gundam, Dragon Ball, Naruto and Digimon.

The Imperial Fists Space Marine comes with an auto bolt rifle - equipped with a grenade launcher - and combat knife, and is decorated in keeping with the sixth squad of the Imperial Fists Third Company, also known as the Sentinels of Terra.

The Salamanders figure also wields a combat knife, along with a bolt rifle inspired by artwork in the Salamanders Codex supplement for Warhammer 40,000. The figure’s chapter symbol and markings are those of the second squad of Salamanders’ Second Company, the (slightly) more compassionate Defenders of Nocturne.

Both figures are modelled after Intercessors, the heavy infantry units of the Primaris Space Marines. The action figures include a selection of interchangeable hands and 53 points of articulation to allow them to be arranged in different poses.

The Ultramarines Intercessor action figure was incredibly popular and sold out quickly, and since then, Bandai have been hard at work on new designs so that Space Marines fans everywhere can get their very own articulated Angels of Death. Allow us to introduce Imperial Fists and Salamanders Intercessors.

The toys each stand eight inches tall - more than four times the regular height of an Intercessor miniature in Warhammer 40,000. (If you’re wondering, Primaris Space Marines are around eight-and-a-half feet high in 40k lore, making these figures around 1:12 scale.)

Both figures will be made available for pre-order for one week from September 12th. The toys will be released next year, and will be made to order - meaning that they may not be available on general sale afterwards. Prices are yet to be announced.

In its announcement of the Imperial Fists and Salamanders figures, Games Workshop hinted at future Primaris Space Marine action figures, asking which chapters fans would like to see turned into toys next.

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