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Warhammer 40k’s chaotic racing game Speed Freeks is coming to PC - and you can play it now

Ork your marks, get ready, go!

Image credit: Caged Element/Games Workshop

Speed Freeks, Warhammer 40,000’s vehicular combat game that smashes together Mad Max, Twisted Metal and orks, is headed to PC.

Speed Freeks’ video game turns the 2018 tabletop game of the same name - itself a spiritual successor to ‘90s Games Workshop death race classic Gorkamorka - into an online multiplayer deathmatch between 16 players in ork vehicles, from wagons and buggies to tanks.

As you’d expect from that premise, and much like its tabletop predecessors, the players must race between capture points in order to score points, with the option to blow up their opponents with a variety of weapons along the way. Once they’ve amassed enough points, the players must zoom their way to the finish line (and hope they survive).

The reveal trailer for Speed FreeksWatch on YouTube

There are seven different vehicles to choose from, each with a different playstyle and loadout - whether that’s being fast but fragile, or slower but tooled to the nines with firepower.

Speed Freeks’ digital adaptation is a suitably flashy and crashy affair, with developer Caged Element - known for combat racing game GRIP - making use of Unreal Engine 5 to show ork vehicles exploding into fragments, blasting away with explosives or zapping with electricity across the game’s different environments, which vary from dusty plains and jagged rocks to snow-covered mountains.

Revealed during Games Workshop’s Warhammer Skulls video game event, Speed Freeks is currently running an alpha playtest until June 8th, meaning you can give the game a go for yourself over on Steam. A full release date for the game is yet to be announced.

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