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RPGs for Reproductive Justice Bundle collects nearly 60 tabletop games to fundraise abortion access

All proceeds of the bundle will benefit the National Network of Abortion Funds

American news cycles and political arenas have been dominated by a leaked document signalling the US Supreme Court’s plan to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has long provided critical legal protection for abortions and related medical services - often necessary and life-saving. Advocates and allies responded to the threat of removal with support from all angles, including the tabletop space. The recently launched RPGs for Reproductive Justice Bundle is selling nearly 60 titles for $25 and all proceeds will be donated to relief funds across the country.

Organised by the Hydra Cooperative, a group of tabletop designers, the RPGs for Reproductive Justice Bundle is hosted on DriveThruRPG and contains dozens of submitted games, supplements, adventures and other tabletop game bits for a price that would normally nab you a single softcover book. The website lists the combined value of the bundle’s games at just over $482 - that’s a 95% discount for those who’d rather avoid the calculations.

Sales of the bundle will be fully donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds, an orgnisation based in the US that provides structure, resources and logistical aid to independent funds so that they can better help people in their regions. The NNAF is partnered with abortion funds in all 50 US states, plus some international funds in other countries. Because of the shifting landscape of access that can vary between states, NNAF donations are primarily used to directly provide for each grassroots effort's specific needs.

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Those who pick up the bundle will gain access to a fairly wide selection of RPGs that span genres and play types. The most well known might be Bully Pulpit Games’ Star Crossed, which uses a tumbling block tower as a tactile portrayal of a relationship doomed to fail. Two players take the role of lovers as they act out the tragic - but perhaps still touching - circumstances of love and eventual loss made more impactful with a dexterity game element.

Pelgrane Press’ #Feminsism is a collection of 34 “nano-games” written and designed by experts across the world and providing an interactive and entertaining way to engage with the core philosophies and guiding tenets of Feminism. The selection can be humorous or deadly serious and tackle all sorts of topics, arranged neatly into broad categories so groups can dive deep into particular interests.

Honey & Hot Wax is a critically acclaimed game anthology from the same publisher that embraces sex as something RPG players shouldn’t be afraid to (consensually) explore in a framework of play. Some entries only brush lightly against while others dive in head first, but all are meant to be challenging and rewarding experiences.

Other standout titles include the Soulslike-by-way-of-Norse mythology game, Runecairn: Wardensaga, which contains both basic and advanced rules along with an introductory adventure. There’s also Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard, a solo journaling game that interprets knightly quests a la the Arthurian age as a series of prompt-based encounters where a Sun Guard will struggle heroically while attempting to hold tight to their oaths.

Those looking for information on all the games might check out a Reddit post by user Dollface_Killah that categorises and summarises everything included. The RPGs for Reproductive Justice Bundle is available now via DriveThruRPG. Dicebreaker has reached out for information on how long the deal will remain active but did not hear back by time up publication.

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