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BoardGameGeek Con 2020 cancelled in response to COVID-19 concerns

Another Virtual Gaming Con coming.

BGG Con 2020
Image credit: BoardGameGeek

Tabletop Gaming site BoardGameGeek has cancelled its upcoming convention due to concerns regarding the safety of its attendees during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to be held between the 18th and 22nd November, BoardGameGeek Con 2020 has since been cancelled. In a blog post by a member of the BGG admin team, the reasons for the cancellation were cited to be “due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19”.

BGG Con is an annual convention that focuses on providing previews of upcoming board games, as well as areas for players to demo existing releases. This announcement follows the cancellation of the Spring convention that was set to take place earlier this year, which also did not go ahead for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In its place, BGG will be holding another Virtual Gaming Con via the Tabletop Events - or TTE - online platform, which it has already used to host an online convention that took place last weekend. During the event, viewers could watch playthroughs of various board games such as Wingspan - one of the best board games out there - co-op card game Marvel Champions and the party board game Paranormal Detectives.

Players could also try out a number of games digitally via Tabletopia, an online platform that enabled free access to games for players throughout the virtual convention.

This announcement follows a spate of cancelled conventions including the largest European tabletop event, Essen Spiel, which was cancelled back in May due to health concerns regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic, and is now having its own digital event called Spiel.Digital.

Other cancelled conventions include Gen Con 2020, which will not take place for the first time in 50 years, and the UK Games Expo, which was cancelled in response to government advice against holding large gatherings during the current pandemic.

BoardGameGeek has yet to reveal what to expect during the upcoming Virtual Gaming Con, but has confirmed that the next BGG Con will be taking place in November 2021.

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