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Critical Role's official Vox Machina-inspired whiskey will let you turn D&D into Drinking & Drunkenness

Get a taste of the Sandkheg’s Hide.

The Critical Role cast react to a joke line that stops DM Matt Mercer in his tracks during an episode of the wildly popular tabletop RPG actual play series.
Image credit: Critical Role Productions

Critical Role, the Dungeons & Dragons actual play series, is getting its very own official whiskey inspired by the first campaign’s party: Vox Machina.

Critical Role is an actual play series in which a cast of actors play D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games in front of a camera, sometimes for a live audience. The show features the likes of Laura Bailey (The Last of Us: Part II), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us: Part I and Part II), Marisha Ray, Liam O’Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham and Sam Riegel, as well as dungeon master and worldbuilder - Matthew Mercer.

The series has since created three separate main campaign narratives, as well as several spin-off shows featuring various other cast members such as Aabria Iyengar. Alongside this, the first campaign of Critical Role has been adapted into an animated television series by Amazon, with the second campaign also set to be adapted sometime in the near future.

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In the first campaign of Critical Role, the cast played a party of characters collectively known as Vox Machina. The team consisted of Grog the Barbarian, Pike the gnomish cleric, Scanlen the gnome bard, Percy the human gunslinger, Keyleth the elven druid and Vex and Vax, a sister/brother duo of half-elves: one a ranger and the other a rogue. The group embarked on adventures across the fictional continent of Tal'dorei, including partaking in various leisurely activities like enjoying a good drink.

One of these fictitious drinks was called Sandkheg’s Hide, an alcoholic beverage first introduced in episode 65 and described as being “fierce.” The drink is apparently produced in the continent of Marquet, from the acidic bile of an eight-foot tall insect creature called a Sandkheg.

Promo image for Sandkheg's Hind
Image credit: Find Familiar Spirits, Critical Role

Fans of the series can now try the drink for themselves with the upcoming release of Sandkheg’s Hide, a bourbon whiskey from Find Familiar’s Spirits: a company formed by actor and tabletop enthusiast Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo, Five Nights at Freddy’s), as well as screenwriter Justin Ware, that has previously produced a fantasy-inspired drink called Quest’s End. The real version of Sandkheg’s Hide will be produced in a dark green bottle, with a distressed label, seal and coin medallion, thereby mirroring the appearance of the bottle described in the show. The flavours of Sandkheg’s Hide will apparently be that of baked apple, brown spice, shortbread cookie, red fruit and a hint of smoke.

The Sandkheg’s Hide will be available via the Quest’s End Whiskey website, the distributor website - Seelbach - and the Sandkheg’s Hide’s own website for a three week period from May 2nd.

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