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Critical Role and Stephen Colbert team-up again for Red Nose Day D&D event

With elements decided by donations.

Critical Role, the actual play Dungeons & Dragons show, and comedian Stephen Colbert are once again collaborating to raise money for Red Nose Day.

In Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure...Again, Matthew Mercer – an actor known for his roles in the Overwatch and Fire Emblem video game series, as well as being the dungeon master for Critical Role – will be running a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot adventure for Stephen Colbert, the host for The Colbert Report, as part of Red Nose Day. Following on from the tabletop roleplaying game adventure that Mercer DM’d for Colbert in 2019 – called Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure – the duo will be playing D&D 5E in a new one-shot that the audience will be able to affect through their donations.

By visiting a Tilltify page for Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure...Again, the audience will be able to donate to the Critical Role Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation started and managed by members of the actual play group, in order to choose options from a selection of different polls. Each poll will decide a certain aspect of the adventure that Colbert will embark on, including which item he’ll start with – such as a living weapon that despises violence – something that’s been taken from his character, a spell that Colbert’s character will have access to and a familiar that they’ll travel around with.

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The audience will have until April 1st to donate and submit their votes, with the options that have the highest amount donated to them being featured in the playthrough.

The first Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure saw the comedian and the DM teaming up for the first time in order to play a fantasy RPG adventure shaped by audience donations. The donators were able to decide what class Colbert’s character was, the identity of their companion, the legendary weapon his character sought and who the adventure’s villain would be.

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The Critical Role Foundation is a charity that was founded in 2020 by its president Ashley Johnson – an actor known for playing Ellie in The Last of Us and The Last of Us II and performing in Critical Role - as well as Mercer, who is an officer and board member, and Mark Koro – a senior vice president of government affairs for Qualcommn Inc – that intends to support other, lesser known, charities. Currently, all donations to the Critical Role Foundation are being collected to support Red Nose Day, a non-for-profit organisation that seeks to help all children live happy and healthy lives.

The Choose Stephen Colbert’s Adventure...Again one-shot will air on April 28th at 7pm (PST) 1am (GMT).

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