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A Critical Role album based on the adventures of the Mighty Nein is available to stream

Have a hoedown at Hupperdook.

The cover of Welcome to Wildemount album
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A soundtrack album inspired by the second campaign of the Dungeons & Dragons actual play series Critical Role has been released.

Welcome to Wildemount is an album featuring original music inspired by the setting of Wildemount and the adventures of the Mighty Nein: the party of characters played by the cast of Critical Role for Campaign Two. Released by Scanlan Shorthalt Music – a record label directly launched by Critical Role itself earlier this year – the album contains a total of 20 tracks composed by many of the same people behind the very first album released by Scanlan Shorthalt Music: Welcome to Tal’Dorei, which was inspired by the very first Critical Role setting.

Led by creative director and cast member for Critical Role, Marisha Ray, alongside Critical Role senior producer Maxwell James, Welcome to Wildemount contains approximately over an hour of music designed to invoke the feeling of various locations across the fictional continent, as well as memorable moments from the second campaign. Featured composers include Colm McGuinness, Omar Fadel, Matthew Carl Earl and other members of the Hexany Audio group.

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Notable title tracks include a Stroll Through Nicodranas – one of the major port cities in Wildemount - Passage to Xhorhas, which are the lands ruled by the Kryn Dynasty, and Rise of Uk’otoa: referencing the terrifying deity that lurks beneath the waves. Other recognisable references to the adventures of the Mighty Nein include Orphanmaker, a name used to refer to the weapon wielded by one of the Mighty Nein, Yasha, the Blooming Grove – a location that’s important to Cleric Caduceus Clay – and Hupperdook, in which a notorious night of frivolty once took place.

  1. “Welcome to Wildemount” Colm McGuinness
  2. “Stroll Through Nicodranas” Omar Fadel
  3. “Reefs of Darktow” Omar Fadel
  4. “The Amber Road” Omar Fadel
  5. “The Luxon” Omar Fadel
  6. “Trouble at the Docks” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  7. “Passage to Xhorhas” Omar Fadel
  8. “Back to the Blooming Grove” Steven Grove (Hexany Audio)
  9. “Smoke Fills the Room” Colm McGuinness
  10. “The Volstruckers” Colm McGuinness
  11. “The Crownsguard” Omar Fadel
  12. “The Aurora Watch” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  13. “Echoes of Aeor” Omar Fadel
  14. “At the Gates of Bazzoxan” Omar Fadel
  15. “Orphanmaker” Colm McGuinness
  16. “The Hag’s Hovel” Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  17. “Rise of Uk’otoa” Omar Fadel
  18. “Above the Living Rooftops” Colm McGuinness
  19. “Neo-Somnovem Incarnate” Colm McGuinness
  20. “Hupperdook Tavern” Omar Fadel

Critical Role is an actual play series in which the cast livestream themselves playing the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons 5E. The cast is comprised of Matthew Mercer – best known for his role as Cole Cassidy in Overwatch – as Dungeon Master, the aforementioned Marisha Ray, Laura Bailey (The Last of Us Part II), Liam O’Brian (Dota: Dragon’s Blood), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us Part I and Part II), Travis Willingham (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Sam Riegal (Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons).

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The first campaign of Critical Role saw the cast becoming Vox Machina in the world of Tal’Dorei, before taking on the roles of the members of the Mighty Nein in Campaign Two. Various fantasy RPG books and board games based on the series have been published, as well as an animated television series on Amazon Prime being produced. The actual series is currently in its third campaign.

Welcome to Wildemount is currently available to purchase and/or stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and other digital platforms.

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