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You can now add a custom avatar to your Dicebreaker user account!

The best face to be.

Fans of expressing your personality on the the internet in a small, circle-shaped manner rejoice: you can now add a custom avatar to your Dicebreaker user profile!

The latest small - but important - update to the ReedPop user IDs that sit behind Dicebreaker’s account system means you can now set an image as your avatar, and it’ll show up next to your username and whatever nice thing you decide to say about us in the comments section. (Aw, shucks, thanks.) It really is as simple as that.

If you’re wondering where you can upload your picture of your favourite Warhammer miniature/meeple/Goku/Brian Blessed/board game artwork, sign in to your account on the website and head over to the Settings menu. You’ll find it at the top of the site on the right, or take a shortcut by clicking here.

From there, jump into the Profiles tab. See the option that says ‘Avatar’? That’s the one - upload your image, hit save and you’re all set.

Please remember that avatars will be displayed in circle frames (sorry, quadrilateral fans), so you might want to round off any corners and allow for some cropping.

As you’d expect, our code of conduct applies as much to avatars as it does to the comments they’re attached to. That means please be considerate in your choice of avatar, as well as how you respond to others’, and make sure to keep yourself safe and comfortable on the internet. Anything that breaks the code of conduct will be moderated in the same way as comments - from a temporary warning to a permanent ban, depending on the severity.

If you’re a regular on our sibling sites Rock Paper Shotgun and VG247 - we’d really recommend checking them out, if you haven’t visited before - you’ll notice that whatever avatar you upload will appear across all the sites you use your ReedPop ID on, including Dicebreaker. Handy, right?

Adding avatars is the first of many new features and improvements we’ve got lined up for Dicebreaker in the coming weeks and months - keep your eyes on the site to see the latest updates.

For now, enjoy splashing a bit of extra personality in the comments section!

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