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Show off your love of board games in style with new Dicebreaker merch!

Tees, a hoodie and pin badge inspired by Werewolf and classic game night experiences.

If you like rocking sweet threads as much as rolling dice, allow us to be the bearers of good news: the Dicebreaker merch store has some brand new apparel that’ll let you show off your love of board games in style.

As well as giving our online webstore itself a bit of a revamp, we’re excited to debut three fresh designs, which you can grab as T-shirts, a hoodie or a new pin badge.

The Shh, I’m a Werewolf design is inspired by the social deduction classic in which secret lycanthropes hide among a group of unaware - and unfortunately delicious - villagers. Grab the design as a tee or hoodie to do a particularly poor job of keeping your “moonlighting” as a hidden traitor under wraps - or perhaps it’s just a clever double-buff…

Our second new T-shirt has some age-old advice to Read the Rulebook, which is always made that bit more convincing when delivered in a heavy metal font across your torso.

Prefer to learn games as you go? No problem - our next tee asks one of the most divisive questions in board gaming, so you don’t have to. Unleash the potential of a monster teach by daring to utter the forbidden words: “Shall We Learn as We Play?”

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Our last design, which you can grab either as a shirt or pin badge, offers a helpful reminder that everyone should be welcome at the table, regardless of what they play. Make it clear that No Gatekeeping should keep anyone from enjoying board games in the way they want to.

You can find all of the new designs over on the Dicebreaker merch store right now, along with our past designs - such as the Catan-inspired Wood For Sheep? tee, Drink Your Paint Water mug and many more. Go check ‘em out!

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