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Show the world how much you love indie RPGs and board games with our new T-shirt designs!

Shipping in time for Christmas!

Looking for some present ideas for yourself or someone else who loves board games and tabletop RPGs this Christmas? Great news: Dicebreaker has some new merch!

We’ve got three brand new T-shirt designs to treat your eyes and torso with, as well as gifting the eyes of random passers-by with both sharp designs and the knowledge of your tabletop hobbies.

If you’re interested in forming connections over the latest zine or hotness at a gaming convention or the annual family gathering, invite the world to ask you about indie RPGs with our T-shirt handily proclaiming: Ask Me About Indie RPGs. What’s that, you’ve been enjoying Coyote & Crow, named Best Roleplaying Game at this year’s Tabletop Awards? Me too! You’re a fan of Spire and Heart: The City Beneath? Same! I also love This Discord Has Ghosts In It! Lifelong friendship formed! Phew, that was easy. Thanks, T-shirt.

Maybe instead your preference is of a cardboard kind. No matter: you can let the world know what you are and what you aren’t with our I’m a Board Gamer shirt, which runs down a list of things you’re unlikely to be before confirming your passion for play. Of course, if you do happen to be an orc, alien, vampire or werewolf, the shirt comes with checkboxes you can optionally tick so it remains 100% accurate.

Maybe you’re less enthused by meeting new people. That’s totally okay! You can suggest your more self-dependent nature while also displaying your generous capacity for self-love - why would you have treated yourself to such fine threads otherwise? - with our third design, Hell is Other Meeple. Decked out in fiery black and red, the shirt shows off a devilish twist on the classic playing piece seen in the likes of Carcassonne.

These three shirts can be found over on the Dicebreaker merch store now, along with our previous designs, such as our Drink Your Paint Water mug and Wood For Sheep shirt. If you’re looking to give any of our merch as a Christmas gift, be sure to order before the end of December 9th (if you’re outside of the UK) or December 14th (for those in the UK) to allow them to ship in time for the 25th. However, please bear in mind that arrival in time for Christmas is not guaranteed.

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