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Dimension 20’s first trailer for Fantasy High: Junior Year reveals a rocking theme song and premiere date

“We just saved the world, I feel like that should count for a couple classes!”

Image credit: Dimension 20

Dimension 20’s third season of its popular academia-and-adventures series Fantasy High has dropped its first full trailer, giving us a look at what to expect from the Bad Kids’ time in Junior Year - and a premiere date for when we’ll be able to watch the new series.

Dimension 20 revealed during the actual play series’ fifth anniversary celebrations in September that it would be headed back to Fantasy High - the setting of the group’s debut campaign - in 2024. Junior Year marks the third arc of John Hughesian high school hijinks after the introduction of Aguefort Adventuring Academy in the original 2018 series and its sophomore season in late 2019.

Fantasy High: Junior Year sees the return of Emily Axford’s tiefling bard Fig Faeth, Ally Beardsley’s human cleric Kristen Applebees, Brian Murphy’s “hipster nerd” goblin rogue Riz Gukgak, Zac Oyama’s anxious half-orc barbarian Gorgug Thistlespring, Siobhan Thompson’s denim-jacketed elf wizard Adaine Abernant and Lou Wilson’s half-elf fighter-dancer Fabian Seacaster - the D&D party-slash-band collectively known as the Bad Kids. Leading the table once again will be prolific dungeon master and Fantasy High creator Brennan Lee Mulligan, running Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

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The first trailer for Fantasy High: Junior Year teases some shots of the characters’ miniaturised appearances in the new season, along with some glimpses at where their studies and travels may take them - expect pirate ships, sandy arenas and school concerts.

There are some snippets of what to expect from the new season’s story too, with mention of eldritch beasts, mad mages and world-ending catastrophes - plus, of course, the greatest threat of failing class and being expelled from school.

“We just saved the world, I feel like that should count for a couple classes!” shoots back Axford’s Fig.

“You’re allowed to fail a certain number of classes each semester,” Beardsley cracks later on when it’s suggested that Kristen's god dying counts as a “failure” for the cleric.

Image credit: Dimension 20

Of course, there are plenty of tense dice rolls - both high and low - peppered throughout, backed in the trailer by a new opening theme from Sarah Barrios in the rocking tune Teenage Rebellion.

Fantasy High: Junior Year will premiere its opening episode at 7pm ET/4pm PT on January 10th next year, running for 20 episodes posted weekly on a Wednesday over on streaming service Dropout. Ahead of the premiere, the previous two seasons of Fantasy High will be posted to YouTube before the end of 2023, with only Junior Year’s first episode being made available for free.

The return to the actual play hit’s marks the group’s 21st campaign to date, following hot on the heels of this year’s Watership Down-esque Burrow’s End. After Fantasy High: Junior Year, Dimension 20 revealed its next campaign will be called Never Stop Blowing Up - beyond that title, we’re yet to find out anything more.

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