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Dimension 20 announces a spate of D&D actual play live shows in the UK and Ireland

Confusing ticket sale system left fans believing shows sold out in a matter of seconds.

Promotional art for actual play series Dimension 20's live shows in the UK and Ireland
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Dimension 20 will perform four live shows, three in the UK and one in Ireland, in the Spring of 2024 for fans of the popular tabletop RPG actual play series. Tickets went on sale today, but a confounding and user-unfriendly interface left many purchasers confused and frustrated.

Parent company Dropout announced that Dimension 20’s core crew - Lou Wilson, Emily Axford, Ally Beardsley, Zac Oyama,Brian Murphy and Siobhan Thompson, along - along with perennial dungeon master Brennan Lee Mulligan, will take to the stage throughout April of next year armed with dice to deliver unscripted roleplay for audiences in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin.

The announcement did not contain details on what kind of adventure the crew will bring, but all four will be recorded and released on Dropout at a later date. Dimension 20 previously livestreamed its serialised show during the COVID-19 pandemic but has not yet developed a special mini-arc or contained story meant for audiences in a physical theatre.

Four actual play series to watch after Critical Role.Watch on YouTube

Tickets for the event were sold through Ticketmaster, and several fans reported issues purchasing tickets as soon as the pre-sale went live earlier today. As one user on the Dimension 20 subreddit explained, Ticketmaster’s system for visually communicating which seats were still available in a specific theatre led many to believe all of the shows had sold out in a matter of seconds.

“It wasn't scalpers so much as it was a TERRIBLE system for allocating seats. Rather than select 2 seats and allocate them to you it would show everyone 20+ options at once, so you could click and it would say unavailable because someone else was inspecting those seats,” user elpinko wrote. “It made the whole thing look sold out immediately when in reality people were just looking at the tickets.”

As of writing, seats are still available for the Glasgow show at the SEC Armadillo theatre. Whether more tickets or dates will be made available in the future isn’t yet known. Dimension 20’s live tour follows Critical Role’s similar plans to tour the UK in 2024, when the massively popular series will reunite the cast of the Mighty Nein for another glimpse into that fan-favourite storyline.

Production on Dimension 20 recently resumed after leaders within the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and CWA strikes cleared several of Dropout's contracts regarding their comedy programming. The currently airing Mentopolis, featuring Hank Green and Freddy Wong amongst its cast of newer faces, is a mixture of Osmosis Jones and heady psychological reflection.

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