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Critical Role announces return to UK for Mighty Nein reunion show and MCM London

The actual play stars’ first international show reconvenes fan-favourite characters one more time.

Official artwork for the members of the Mighty Nein.
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Critical Role plans to make good on plans to bring a live show to London audiences after three years of COVID-19 pandemic-related delay. The mega-popular tabletop RPG actual play series will perform another Mighty Nein reunion session in October before appearing at MCM London Comic Con later that same month.

Perhaps the most notable face of Dungeons & Dragons, the cast of Critical Role first planned to visit the UK and give international Critters a taste of their longform dramatic roleplay style back in 2020. Unfortunately, the onset of the global pandemic put the kibosh on any travelling. While COVID-19 is still a very real threat affecting everyone but especially vulnerable populations worldwide, Critical Role is going forward with that discarded plan.

The crew will once again take up the mantle of their characters from The Mighty Nein arc and perform a special show titled The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice - the events of which follow the aftermath of the Apogee Solstice where the intrepid adventurers will need to clean up a few dire messes.

Four actual play series to watch after you finish devouring Critical Role.Watch on YouTube

This will be the first international live show for Critical Role, taking place at the OVO Arena Wembley in London on October 25th. The entire main cast has signed on to appear, including Game Master Matt Mercer alongside Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien.

A mere few days later, most of the cast plan to attend MCM London Comic Con from October 28th through the 29th. According to a news post on Critical Role’s website, they plan to host a fan meet ‘n’ greet alongside a panel that will serve as a fireside chat and discussion of upcoming projects within Critical Role and managing company Darrington Press.

Ticket presales for The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice will begin on July 13th, though the company did warn that admission could sell out quicker than expected despite the OVO Arena Wembley’s 12,500 person capacity. General ticket sales will open on July 17th. More information about the live show - and MCM London Comic Con - can be found on the events' respective websites.

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