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Oh my goodness! Pick up an exclusive Tim the Goblin Dungeonbreaker T-shirt during EGX Digital

Toadstools not included.

Dungeonbreaker fans can now adorn themselves with a T-shirt depicting its smallest and smelliest cast member, Tim the Goblin.

Sporting the tiny druid’s most notable saying - “Oh my goodness” - the T-shirt displays the little green dinosaur-lover in his prime, toadstools and all.

With artwork by Gina Nelson, the artist behind the official Dungeonbreaker character art, the Tim the Goblin T-shirt is an EGX Digital exclusive that will only be available during the upcoming event taking place later this month.

Tim the Goblin is a character from our actual play series, Dungeonbreaker, which sees the Dicebreaker team play Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Besides Tim, the Dungeonbreaker cast is made up of Fizz the kenku wizard, Mist the tabaxi bard, Morbos the tiefling cleric and - the most recent addition to the party - Farid the elven fighter.

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Since the Dungeonbreaker team’s adventures first began, the group has rescued and befriended a dinosaur from the land of Eberron - a setting found in the D&D 5E sourcebook, Eberron: Rising from the Last War - carried out a semi-successful heist on a high-ranking religious official, and been sent to the depths of Hell to meet with a demonic lord. Dungeonbreaker’s third season is set to hit the Dicebreaker YouTube channel in the next few weeks.

EGX Digital and PAX Online are replacing the annual physical events - EGX, PAX West, Australia and UK - cancelled earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual conventions will be taking place simultaneously from September 12th to 20th and will see nine days of various panels, community sessions, demos and talks available to watch for free on the PAX Online x EGX Digital website.

Dicebreaker will be getting involved throughout, with sessions including a playthrough of upcoming RPG Cyberpunk Red, hosted by co-designer Cody Pondsmith, airing on Saturday 12th September at 12pm PT (8pm BST) on the PAX2 stage. This playthrough will be a direct sequel to the campaign filmed during last year’s PAX Unplugged, with the same motley crew returning - sans Lolies’ character - to cause even more futuristic havoc.

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On Friday 18th September, the Dicebreaker team will be providing advice on how to run an amazing tabletop RPG session on the PAX1 stage at 11:15am PT (7:15pm BST), designed to help aspiring GMs get started and experienced game masters hone their craft.

Plenty of other tabletop-related sessions will be taking place throughout PAX Online and EGX Digital, with more of Dicebreaker’s own sessions to be revealed. The entire schedule for both conventions is available on the website.

The exclusive Dungeonbreaker Tim the Goblin T-shirt is available to purchase on the EGX Digital store from 3pm today, September 9th.

Find Dicebreaker’s full range of merchandise - including our recently released summer range, featuring a koozie disguised as a Sleeve of Holding and a Drink Your Paint Water mug - on the Dicebreaker merch store.

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