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Gamefound jabs at Kickstarter in its own ‘vision of crowdfunding’s future’

Outlines incoming tax improvements, recent infrastructure changes and plan for 2022.

Crowdfunding platform Gamefound has laid out its plans for 2022, outlining incoming additions for both creators and backers - and managing to take a jab at longstanding rival Kickstarter, too.

In a blog post entitled “Our Vision Of The Future Of Crowdfunding”, CEO Marcin Świerkot outlined the platform’s roadmap for next year and beyond, including discussion of changes to how the company will handle VAT in the EU and both behind-the-scenes and front-end improvements for users.

“Long story short - our vision and plan are not some fancy/trendy buzzwords, but a lot of down-to-earth hard work on details and tools,” Świerkot said - a not-too-subtle poke at Kickstarter’s controversial decision to move onto the blockchain in 2022, announced in a recent post titled “The Future of Crowdfunding Creative Projects”.

One of Gamefound’s headline improvements for 2022 will be its ability to handle EU VAT on behalf of non-EU creators - not necessarily an exciting-sounding change, but one that took “months of work” to improve the experience of fulfilling projects for creators.

“We want to create tools that will help you plan and execute logistics, automate invoices and create modules that will simplify worldwide tax settlements,” Świerkot added.

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Świerkot touched on recent infrastructure changes made to increase Gamefound’s security and speed, admitting it was “not the most ‘exciting’ thing” but would allow the platform to introduce advanced tools in the future.

More visible is the new ability for creators to send gifts to followers, allowing them to provide extra incentives for supporting a project before it launches. Creators can add specific gifts or simply provide a discount once followers back the project.

Among the planned additions in Gamefound’s 2022 roadmap are improvements to communication tools - including comment notifications and mentions, and the option to follow other backers, as well as “better ways” for backers and creators to interact - as well as smaller quality of life upgrades and fixes.

“We want the backers to discover games they'll love and let them keep up with the growth of those projects,” Świerkot said. “A lot more will come to life in 2022.”

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