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Two more Minecraft board games are coming from the Disney Villainous studio

Crafting couple.

Two additional Minecraft-themed board games are coming from Ravensburger, the studio responsible for releasing Disney Villainous.

After publishing Minecraft: Builders & Biomes in 2019, Ravensburger has announced that it will be releasing two new board games – in collaboration with Mojang, the company behind Minecraft - based on the popular video game series.

Minecraft: Portal Dash sees players attempting to escape the fiery pits of the Nether Dimension, an underworld that lurks beneath the earth of Minecraft’s world. Trapped in a labyrinth of lava and terrifying enemies, players will need to fight off the hordes of monsters long enough to escape to the world above. The upcoming board game will have players finding useful equipment and mining various blocks to uncover valuable resources, all of which they’ll need to survive the waves of enemies and several boss encounters.

Johnny, Lolies and Wheels play Minecraft: Builders & Biomes.

The other new tabletop title based Minecraft that’s being published by Ravensburger is Minecraft: Heroes of the Village. A co-op board game for one to four players, Heroes of the Village has the group working together to protect their home from invading Illagers.

Tasked with preventing the mobs from destroying buildings and spreading chaos, the players will need to come together to find the resources they’ll need to build whatever it takes to slow them down. To find the required resources, the players will need to explore the board, fighting off the hordes along the way. Besides each other, players will also have the help of their various animal companions, which will grant them special abilities in the video game board game.

Ulrich Blum – who created Minecraft: Builders & Biomes - is the designer responsible for creating Minecraft: Portal Dash, with Christian Fiore and Knut Happel, who have both previously worked together on the card game Pearls.

Wheels lists some of the best co-op board games out there.

Apart from Disney Villainous and the aforementioned Minecraft board games, Ravensburger is also responsible for releasing The Castles of Burgundy – a board game about gaining control of the medieval French countryside – and The Quest for El Dorado.

Minecraft: Portal Dash is set to be released in November for a retail price of $40 (£35), whilst Minecraft: Heroes of the Village will be exclusively released in Target stories in November for a retail price of $25 (£22), before receiving a wider release in January 2023.

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