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Grab up to 85% off digital tabletop classics at Humble Bundle

Go treat your ‘elf.

You can nab up to 85 percent off some truly fine digital board games over at the mighty Humble Bundle store right now. There’s quite a mix of tabletop steadfasts (your backgammon, your Uno and er, Monopoly) and more escapist classics: like Terraforming Mars for just over a fiver.

First up, the mighty Tabletop Simulator is down to £7.49 - it’s currently £14.99 on erstwhile harbinger of PC sales, Steam. Tabletop Simulator is a fantastic way to enjoy plenty of titles digitally, with a more immersive social bent.

Next, board game icon Scythe can be enjoyed for a mere £6.19, while the delightful Ticket To Ride and subsequent expansions can be picked up from as little as £2.79. Spooky murder mystery legend Mysterium has also been cracked with the phantom hammer, and is down to a spirited £1.99.

Fans of Games Workshop and ultra-violence can also enjoy legendary fantasy American football meets Warhammer game Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition for just over a tenner, while base game Blood Bowl is £2.74.

Last but not least, tabletop staple Pandemic is going for only £3.59.

There are many more digital tabletop games to enjoy over Humble Bundle right now, so be sure to take a gander while the prices remain tempting.

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