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Troika! knocks down price of several weird-fantasy RPG books to benefit charity

Proceeds from all books will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Surreal and strange tabletop RPG series Troika! is running a charity bundle that knocks 20% off the price of a bundle of books with the money benefiting Doctors Without Borders.

The special deal is a collaboration with independent bookstore Iglootree and collects five separate physical sourcebooks together for £72.00, about a fifth of the normally listed price. While that’s a nice haircut for a roleplay fantastic roleplay system with a particular sense of wonder, the main draw is collecting funds to support a nonprofit initiative administering humanitarian aid in present-day crises, such as the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

The first and most crucial book is a softcover edition of Troika!’s core rules, the weird bones of its multiversal world and the mechanics your group will need to traverse it. You can create characters, chart the edges of your world and jump in headfirst - Troika! is an RPG built to shove your group into some bizarre situation as soon as possible.

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Whalgravaak's Warehouse takes place almost entirely inside the seemingly abandoned storage room of a vicious wizard. Located in a seedier district of the city, the building is labyrinthine in construction and chockablock with traps, guards and thieves hoping to lift a few vast treasures from within. Where has Whalgravaak gone? More importantly, how do you plan to escape alive?

Matthew Gravelyn’s Articles of the Arcana provides all the instructions a player needs to (metaphorically) bolt their tarot deck onto the Troika! ruleset so they can divine their next action instead of relying on the often faulty and unreliable concept of free will. In all seriousness, tarot is a major inspiration to tabletop play and design - especially when considering solo RPGs - so its inclusion in a setting full of secretive gods and god-like secrets makes plenty of sense.

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Black Knights is one of the newer releases from publisher Melsonian Art Council. The 16-page risograph zine in only two colours depicts a sextet of fresh character backgrounds allowing players to embody vindictive swordsmen and severe champions, along with a massive, smoking dragon for them to battle. On the other side of the genre coin, Ætherjack's Almanac’s first issue describes three common vehicle engines and how they might be deployed in your campaign, along with a background for playing an unemployed elemental. Neat!

The Troika! Charity Bundle supporting Doctors Without Borders doesn’t have a listed end date, and more information can be found on The Melsonian Arts Council’s website.

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