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Pathfinder’s latest tabletop RPG Humble Bundle is a $5 ticket to the Wild West

Rootin’ and tootin’ and rolling dice.

Art featured in YouTube video for Pathfinder 2E's Alkenstar adventure path.
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Do you enjoy the crunchy 5E-adjacent combat of fantasy tabletop RPG Pathfinder 2nd Edition but wish it had more horses, tumbleweeds and spittoons? The latest Humble Book Bundle, Guns of Alkenstar, will get your adventuring party in the saddle with packages of digital supplement starting at just $5.

Pathfinder 2E publisher Paizo has partnered Humble Bundle to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) by selling steeply discounted access to its Alkenstar setting, a western fantasy full of gunslingers, steam-powered contraptions and frontier justice. It’s a version of Golarion covered in dust and machine oil where the only thing sweeter than loot is revenge.

The cheapest bundle will run you $5 and grants access to the Pathfinder 2E Beginner Box just in case you aren’t familiar with how to play the second-biggest fantasy RPG around. There’s also the Outlaws of Alkenstar Player’s Guide, which will acquaint the group with the eponymous City of Smog and offer suggestions for both GMs and players on how to create and play in outlaw country. Rounding out the offering is two adventures - Punks in a Powder Keg introduces a three-part adventure for 1st-level characters in the heart of the city (first published in 2022), while Head Shot the Rot serves as a single-session introduction to the rules of the Gunslinger class.

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Those who pay at least $15 will gain access to Pathfinder 2E’s Core Rulebook, along with the 2E Bestiary, Lost Omens World Guide and Lost Omens Character Guide. Together, they offer a fairly comprehensive collection of rules for all character options and play styles. The second instalment in the Alkenstar adventure path, Cradle of Quartz, sends the party into the magic-twisted wastes of the Spellscar Desert in search of a dangerous formula and the wicked figure who wronged them. Everything from the previous tier is also included.

Upgrading to the $30 option unlocks the full Guns and Gears digital text, which compiles all of the information and rules for playing the Gunslinger and Inventor classes in one tome. Players interested in all manner of firearms, steam-powered gadgets and automatons or rules for operating siege engines will find something of interest here. The Smoking Gun rounds out the three-part adventure with dramatic climaxes at gala heist and aboard a luxury gearboat. This tier grants access to all three adventures as modules for the popular Foundry virtual tabletop platform. Also included are digital versions of the Lost Omens World Guide, Advanced Player’s Guide and Gamemastery Guide.


A final $40 tier includes one extra item - a coupon for a physical hardcover edition of the Guns and Gears sourcebook that players can redeem on Paizo’s official website, though they will need to pay shipping to send it to their part of the world. Everything else mentioned in the paragraphs above are still available, but the publisher cautions they only have limited copies of the hardcover book.

The Breast Cancer Research Fund is a US-based nonprofit organisation that connects money to promising research aimed at eventually curing and eliminating breast cancer worldwide. It boasts donating 91 cents of every dollar received, which purchasers can split amongst the charity, Paizo and Humble Bundle at their discretion. The Guns of Alkastar RPG Book Bundle runs through April 11th.

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