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Catapult your greenskin soldiers at a castle in dexterity board game Flyin’ Goblin

Green and bear it.

Lay siege to a castle and steal as much loot as you can in the chaotic dexterity board game Flyin’ Goblin.

From Iello, publisher of Bunny Kingdom and King of Tokyo, Flyin’ Goblin has players launching their unfortunate green missiles at a fortified castle in the hopes of breaking through its defences and getting at the bountiful treasures that lay within. But you’d better be sure your goblin flies high enough - otherwise they’re going to get a face full of solid brick wall.

A game for two to four players, Flyin’ Goblin is played in a series of turns, with each player choosing to fire one of their soldiers by placing them in the catapult and applying force to the other end, with the aim to have the fiend land in either one of the castle rooms or atop the central tower. Players will need to be careful to aim for the right rooms, as whilst some may contain piles of gold, diamonds and coins, they may also hold some nasty surprises for any goblin unlucky enough to find them.

Flying Goblins board game layout

As players collect more loot they’ll have the opportunity to purchase additional troops to hurl over the castle walls, some of which will have unique abilities to help you gain the upper hand over your opponents.

It’s not just loot players are looking to steal, as there’s plenty of goblin glory to be had as well. Anyone able to land one of their forces on the castle ramparts will have the chance to build a totem to prove their mastery over the art of goblin launching - which coincidentally will also earn them a good chunk of points, should their totems survive the other players’ ensuing onslaught of course.

Flyin’ Goblin was demoed at this year’s Essen Spiel convention and is due to release sometime in 2020, when we’ll find out if it’s a flippin’ fantastic dexterity board game.

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